Islamic way to Wear Gemstone

Islamic ways to Wear Gemstone

Islamic way to Wear Gemstone IS IT PERMISSIBLE TO WEAR gemstone RINGS IN ISLAM? Islamic way to Wear Gemstone

Which stone should/ought to i wear ?

And many more, we at Sarkar Healing try to answer this in easy manner.

It’s not HARAM to wear a Gem-stone….. OK….Why as crystal may be a Neyamath of Supreme Being.


Wearing crystal is Sunnah of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ .

Now Let’s clear the confusion regarding the belief in carrying a crystal, its purely supported the experience and also the information that was given by students , who studied the gemstone effects on out human body. 

Now in Advanced world, Science has been developing from Basic to Advanced level. In old ages several things weren’t on the market, on going search gave us several gift, which weren’t used.

Crystal Healings in  Islam is solely supported Color therapy. completely different| completely different} colours have different effects on our mind and body.

Below are the Muslim way to wear a stones

1-Experienced Scholar or astrologer can prepare Zaicha/Birth Chart/ Kundli, supported the planetary position, gemstone are suggested. The information of Planets/ Sitara is a very documented  Science, best example is that the Moon & Sun Movement for preparing five times prayer/ Namaz / salaah.

Currently vital point is, Its not prediction , but well documented information ( similar to Pharmacology- medicine effects on body) supported calculation, that are good at many times, But not Universal like any medicine/drugs which does not have affect on different person,due various factors.

2-Once the Birth chart/ Zaicha/ Kundli is prepared, after analysis of the planets’ few gemstone are recommended. Now the Question is, if more than 1 gemstone are needed based on the Zaicha/kundli, can you wear, and the answer is Yes…. you can wear it as part of treatment,in form of locket.

3-Many Ulema/ Islamic Scholar says, its not allowed, But they are using the most advanced Gadgets, in today’s Tech Savy Life. Read below for this point.

4-The most important is the Belief (Yakeen) while wearing Gemstone, As a Muslim we Believe that everything in this World is Creations of Allah, and we are living the world of means. Many things we use to help us and fulfill our needs.


Islamic way to Wear Gemstone

The Internet is full of claims, that if you wear stone can change your destiny which is not our belief. Only Almighty Allah Can change destiny.

As a Muslim when you wear a gemstone, we should believe its a Gift of Allah, which has a Healing properties like a Ajwa Dates, Figs, any Medicines, etc 

As gemstone has Healing properties, no one can say it SHRIK, but thank Allah Ta’ala for giving the Neyamath. 


Nobody believes that Medicine/Drug is Allah, thus no doubt of Shirk, however rather it’s a method of healings our physical issues, that we Human has discovered supported numerous experience and intensive analysis and testing.

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