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Our Services- Sarkar Healings

Our Services Sarkar Healings

Wa Nunaz Zilu Min Al-Qurani Ma Huwa Shifaa Un Wa Rahmatul Lil Moomineena Wa La Yazeeduz Zalimeena Illa Khasara (N)

We sent down in the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe: to the unjust it causes nothing but loss after loss

[QURAN: Bani Israeel – Chapter 17 Verse 82]


Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam prescribed and used the natural medicines,

and then the divine remedies and lastly those composed of the two types.

The Sufis are high rank spiritual teachers within Islam, whose one of their responsibility is to maintain and transmit the hidden, deeper knowledge contained in the Holy Qur’an. For the Sufis, the supreme object of life is to serve and obey ALLAH, to emulate His divine attributes, and thereby to earn His pleasure. Among the service to humanity, that which the Sufis consider superior to all others is the healing of the sick. Their method is called the Sufi Healing.

The Sufi healing method is an Islamic healing method using Divine spiritual power practiced exclusively by the Sufis for centuries. The basic principle in Sufi Healing is that the True Healer is Allah Himself, the Sufis only act as mediators. The physical healing methods of the Sufis derive first from the Holy Qur’an and second from the traditions and actions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Sufis use four things in their treatment of diseases: prayers, medicine, by practicing something, or using specific things.

Prayers in Islam is known as salat, a specific practice combining body movements and reciting of Qur’anic verses and supplications, which must be performed five times a day. While the true purpose of salat and fasting are to reach Allah’s proximity, it can also give spiritual nourishment and harmonize the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life, if done properly.

Traditional medicine or therapy (water therapy, aromatherapy, etc.) sometimes also used by the Sufis depending on the condition of the patient.

Zikr, simply translated as “Divine remembrance”, is also practiced as a method to cure mental or physical illness. It is performed by repeating holy verses or Allah’s attributes either individually or in a group, usually under supervision of a Sufi teacher.

The Sufis also combine the using of Allah’s attributes and holy verses with prayer in a specific and complex method. The formulations may be written on a paper, bone, or leather, which is called wifq. Those things are to be put it in a glass of water to be taken by the patient or buried in the ground, or carried around by the patient. The formulations can also be spoken aloud or in heart, or using many other ways. This can be applied not only to cure mental or physical illness, but also to solve family, financial, or social problem.

This last method uses power from God’s angels for constructive purposes only, and it is not the same with voodoo, black magic, or witchcraft which use the power from jinn or evil spirits which can be used for destructive purposes.


Psychological or medical treatment is a two-face coin; one side of which is morally psychological, while the other side is a bodily biological one. Therefor the treatment also needs to be a comprehensive one that can cure the psychological pain through different methods and also reforms thought and behavior. At the same time the dysfunction of body should be cured with medication. Medicated and spiritual treatment combination is very important and is a thorough, homogeneous, and complementary cure.

Sarkar Healings do not discourage the scientific medical treatment; we offer our methods of treatment along with it. We heal using different methods which include Treatment with the Holy Names of Allah (Asma ul Husna), treatment with Quran and Wazaif, treatment using Taweezat and finally with Gemstones.

If you are interested in getting medical & spiritual treatment from us or just want to seek some advice please feel free to contact us via telephone or the contact form given on the contact page.

Sarkar Healings will try our best to listen to your problem and solve it using any of the four methods. We will not reveal or share your personal and private information with any one.Our Services Includes various 


We at Sarkar Healings are helping the Humanity.

If you are facing any issue in your life which is not normal and you are very disturb due to that please feel free to contact us we have different solutions for every kind of issues either its magic/jadoo, educational issues, Love issues, marriages issues etc….

When ever you contact for Our Services just provide the following information via WhatsApp or email-

Your Full Name
Your mother name
Date  & Place of birth
The place where from you, country and city name.
What exact issue you have in detail.

While seeking Shifa from the un-seen treasures of Allah The Almighty, YAQEEN ~ BELIEF is the most vital medicine. Belief is the foundation of Tibb-e-Nabawi.

Prophet Ibrahim Alaih-as-Salaam said : وَإِذَا مَرِضْتُ فَهُوَ يَشْفِينِ

When I get sick, only Allah Gives me Shifa (cure) ~ Surah Shuara **verse # 80

Sarkar Healings will do Istikhara and in a very short period of time will get back to you with full detail and answer of your all questions. We will inform on the various steps and healing will be given. Healing can be in various means

  1. Healing By Quran.
  2. Healing By Yaqeen.
  3. Healing By Sadaqah/Charity.
  4. Healing by Food.
  5. Healing by Herbs ( Tibb E Nabvi[saw])
  6. Healing by Hijamah.