Taweez For migraine head-ache


Taweez For migraine head-ache

This Naqsh Taweez for Migraine is very effective coded dua.

Headaches are generally caused by heat and fever in the head, because an accumulation of hot vapours are seeking a way out of the body. As the heat rises into the head, it causes an increase in amount of fluid in the cranium and a swelling of the membrane inside the skull. The pain can either be felt all over the head or more commonly, on one side of the head.

In comparison, Migraines are usually caused by an obstruction of a blood vessel or vessels in the brain. The vessels can be blocked by tiny air bubbles or foreign bodies carried in the bloodstream which find their way into the brain. Many people find that applying gentle pressure to the head during a migraine helps ease the pain.

The treatment for headaches and migraines depends upon their particular type and cause. Sometimes they can be treated with the induction of vomiting, by hijamah cupping, with compression head bandage or sometimes just with rest, quietness and calm.