Modern technology gives us many things.

Are you Lucky for life

Are you Lucky for life

Lucky for life  tool will help you in many ways.

Check the Lucky for Life Tool, which will give Huge information for everyone to learn and clear the misconception about wrong beliefs and mindset.

Our Creator ALLAH created everything with a definite purpose. Everything on this Universe is created for us.

  • The Milky Way is the galaxy that includes the Solar System;
  • The Plant Kingdom- so many plants used as Medicines
  • The Animal Kingdom- Helps us in various ways, means of Transport- Horses, etc
  • The Air, Water, Space, Different Colours, Numbers
  • The Mountains, Rivers, Sea, Oceans,
  • Skies, Rain, Desert,

And above all, Our Creator Gave Humans the Brain & Heart to think, those who used the brain & Heart, created History by discovering many things which now we are using in Daily Life.

In the Holy Book -Quran, if we read 6666 Verses, our creator is telling us that Almighty have given signs for the intellectuals’.

Our Physical & Spiritual part is affected with different things, in the atmosphere, which can be good or bad.

Much like the way excessive exposure to sunlight can lead to a heat stroke.

Excess of rain cause floods, if you eat excess food it causing health issues, if you love some more can leading to negative outcome, etc

The moment a child is born, the energies from the surrounding atmosphere leave an indelible imprint on the new-born. These various planetary energies exert both positive and negative influences on the child’s life.

Ancient scholars, through astute observations and deep studies, categorized human nature into 12 distinct types. This classification mirrors the 12 months of the Lunar Calendars, even different religions have 12 months.

Each Human has been created with 5 elements – Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Metal.

Let’s Use the Powerful ways to Change our Life with simple, yet Amazing tool.

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