Lucky Talisman for Capricorn Coded Dua Taweez BURJ JADDI ZOHAL


Lucky talisman for Capricorn Coded Dua Taweez BURJ JADDI ZOHAL

This Lucky talisman for Capricorn Coded Dua Taweez is very effective for persons born between twenty second of December and twentieth of January.

Strengths: accountable, disciplined, self-control, sensible managers
Weaknesses: egotist, unforgiving, patronising, expecting the worst
Capricorn likes: Family, tradition, music, unostentatious standing, quality attainment
Capricorn dislikes: nearly everything at some point
Positive Points    :    Steadfast, ambitious, reserved, determined, relentless, sensible and useful.
Negative Points    :    Suspicious, resentful, inhibited, cold, selfish, pessimistic  and obstinacy.
Likes    :    Family, tradition, quality attainment, unostentatious standing, music.
Dislikes    :    Almost everything at some purpose.
Health Guide    :    Capricorn governs the knees, bones and skin, so its subjects could also be susceptible to fractures and strains of the knees and other defects of the legs. Skin illnesss from rashes and boils to infectious disease (in countries wherever that disease is prevalent) area unit dangers, and digestive upsets could also be caused by the tendency of Capricorns to worry or suppress emotions. Anemia, kidney disease, catarrh, deafness, rheumatism and hypovitaminosis also are said to threaten the natives of this sign.

Capricorns area unit loyal, sincere, accountable and hardworking.  Negative traits of a Capricorn are being introvert, short tempered and difficulty accepting authority.

A Capricorn is proud and wants to be needed and required to perform well.Capricorns build extremely formidable individuals. They aim high and devise appropriate ways for its action. they need an insatiable urge of excelling with time that makes them one of the foremost successful individuals in the world. These people earn nice admiration at the work place for being determined, practical, enthusiastic and reliable. they appear problem in the eyes are ne'er agitated by the enormity of task. Everything is do-able for a pumped up up Capricorn!
"Ambition" is that the key word for this sign. The key phrase for Capricorn is i exploit. The Capricorn possesses a true gift for finding the proper tool for the work and obtaining down to it. starting at all-time low of the ladder and dealing their thanks to the highest does not scare the Capricorn off. they're going to go the distance once a goal is set.

In addition to setting high standards for themselves, honesty, perseverance, and a dedication to duty make the Capricorn an excellent manager. Loyalty and a disposition to work as hard as necessary are qualities that this sign values greatly within themselves and in those around them. Careers in management, finance, teaching, and real estate are wonderful choices.

Capricorns are capable and manage their time and money well. each now so, the urge to spend some hard-earned money will see this sign packing some large shopping luggage with fun and frivolous items out of the shop. however as a rule, caution goes hand in hand with the Capricorn making sensible purchases more likely than the rest. Multifunctional items are definitely favored.