Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Benefits



Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Benefits

Lapis lazuli Gemstone, is a deep blue, semi-treasured stone prized considering antiquity for its extreme colour. Lajward Stones resonate with the vibration of reality and enlightenment, and are powerful excessive blue stones for beginning the 1/3 eye and stimulating the pineal gland.

Lajward is a useful stone to wear as it's miles said to alleviate anger and negative thoughts, as well as easing frustrations causing the anger.The Lapis Lazuli which means dates back to the historic Persian. Its call comes from the Persian word 'Lazur' meaning 'blue stone', as the satisfactory Lapis has always been of a lovable blue colour. 

Lapis Lazuli or  Lajward is a Semi Precious Gemstone is  be utilized by astrologers  to nullify the malefic outcomes of Planet Saturn, so also can be used as an opportunity for Blue Sapphire or Neelam.  It is Dark blue in Color with strains of Golden traces over it. It is stated to overcome despair and laziness or dullness. Also may be very massive to human beings liable to accidents. It is an Opaque Gemstone.

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