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1 Very Effective Dua to increase Rizq

Very Effective Dua to increase Rizq

Below are few Extremely Effective duas to increase rizq, which can help anyone who wants grow in life and change his life.

Only Dua can Change your destiny.

Yā Musabbib al-Asbāb

          O Causer of causes, O First Cause of the cause, O Causer of apparent causes

From the root s-b-b which has the following classical Arabic connotations:

to connect one thing to another (as a rope)
to be a means for obtaining, a medium
to be a reason, a cause

Allah is recognized as the First Cause, and all other causes are thus considered to be only apparent causes (secondary causes) which all depend upon the First Cause.

These apparent causes tend to conceal the First Cause, yet they are the very evidence that demonstrates the existence of the First Cause. Allah discloses Himself by means of the apparent causes.

Dua to increase Rizq

Daily After Isha Salah Call Allah Ta’ala beautiful Names 

 “Ya musabi-bal asbab” 500 times ( O Originator of Causes or Causer of causes! )

First Darood/Salawat Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam – 11 times
Then ,Yā Musabbib al-Asbāb” 500 minimum to 1100 times
End with Darood/Salawat Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam 11 times

Important Note:You must read it outside with covering your head, under open sky.

This is a very effective duas for rizq , Allah Ta’ala will open all doors for Success.

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