Quranic Dua For Bladder Problems

Quranic Dua For Bladder Problems

QURANIC DUA For Bladder Problems

This is a very effective Quranic Dua for bladder problems /infection.

Many male develop problems with storing or passing the urine as they get older. Almost half of adult men have one or the other urinary disease up to the age of 40. Not all urinary symptoms are caused by the prostate gland, although it is often blamed. Many men with urinary symptoms worry about prostate cancer, but an enlarged prostate (called benign prostatic hyperplasia) is much more common – and the two are not linked

Common Bladder Problems

Many of these symptoms can be caused by a condition called Overactive Bladder.

  • Do you have a sudden urge to go to the loo or are unable to hold on and reach the toilet in time? You may have Urgency or Urge Incontinence
  • Do you find you need to go to the loo very often and more than 8 times a day?  This may be Frequency
  • Do you often need to get up during the night? You may have Nocturia
  • Do you wet the bed at night? You may have Nocturnal Enuresis
Keep a diary to record the drinks for a few days:
Look at what you drink during a typical day. It can be useful to keep a diary for a few days, to make a record of it.
You should record each and every type of drink that you are consuming. For example, tea, coffee, and water.
  • The amount you drink (use a measuring jug or estimate the volume –a typical mug holds approximately 250mls).
  • The time of day when you drink,
  • Fluid intake: Aim to drink between up to 6 liters every day. Many people think that they need to drink large amounts of fluid each day for good health. This is not true and will often make urinary symptoms worse.

Quranic Dua For Bladder Problems, Recite the given Dua 11 times daily, By Grace of Almighty ALLAH you will be blessed with good health.

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