1 Best Quranic Dua for Skin Eczema

Quranic Dua for Skin Eczema

Quranic Dua for Skin Eczema

Eczema is a general term used to describe inflammation of the skin. Atopic dermatitis is the most common type of eczema.

In atopic dermatitis, the skin becomes extremely itchy. Scratching leads to redness, swelling, cracking and weeping of clear fluid from the area, which ultimately crusts and scales.

Quranic Dua for Skin,  Powerful Wazifa is given in the image.

Recite daily 21 times the given Ayat for 41 days, 

Medical research has proven that honey and its products are very useful in treating skin diseases, eczema being one of them.
Some experimenters prescribe how to use it.
They say that first one should clean the affected place with diluted vinegar, and then apply a mixture of honey and fenugreek. Allah will cure him, Insha Allah.


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What else should I Remember about Skin Care:

Along with the Quranic Dua for Skin, we must take care of few things given below,

  • Avoid large containers of moisturizers. They can eventually harbor bacteria.
  • Use unscented, mild, liquid laundry detergent. Avoid ALL types of fabric softeners.
  • Rinse clothing and bedding twice to remove detergent residue.
  • Wash new clothes/beddings prior to using
  • Avoid irritants, such as smoke or heavy perfumes
  • Keep well hydrated- your child should drink water during the day, especially before and after exercise, or when experiencing a fever.
  • Use air conditioning in hot weather and keep your child indoors as much as possible to prevent sweating and the itchiness it causes.
  • Use sun screen
  • Avoid skin contact with rough materials such as wool and sand. The skin is very sensitive and reactive to these. Your child should wear soft, thin cotton materials. Do not wear wool if you are holding your child. Place a cotton diaper over your shoulder. You may notice that your child itches more after crawling around on a wool rug.
  • Saliva is the main irritant in childhood eczema. To avoid this irritation, regularly apply a thick moisturizer such as soft and liquid paraffin, especially before eating food. 

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