Surah Humazah Benefits (Chapter 104)

Virtues of Surah Humazah Benefits (Chapter 104)

Virtues of Surah Humazah Benefits (Chapter 104)

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In The Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful 

Virtues of Surah Humazah Benefits (Chapter 104)
Virtues Of Surah Humazah Benefits (Chapter 104) 4

(The Slanderer) Number of Verses: 9

Surah Humazah (Arabic: سورة الهمزة‎, “The Traducer, The Gossipmonger”) is the 104th sura of the Qur’an, with 9 ayat. The Surat takes its name from the word humaza occurring in the first verse and condemns all sorts of scandal, and backbiting, and all those who do their best to gather and pile up wealth; for which they lose the whole value of their humanity, and defame, insult and mock those who do not possess that (wealth).

These selfish people, who are arrogant with their wealth, enjoy talking or suggesting evil of men or women by word, innuendo, behaviour, mimicry, sarcasm, or insult.

At the end of the Surah, the painful destiny of theirs is referred to. It says that they will be disgracefully thrown into Hell. Before their other belongings, the blazing fire of Hell will begin burning, withering their hearts and minds; the center of all their pride and arrogance. This ceaseless fire will be with them forever.

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Surah Humazah: The Benefits of Reading Chapter 104 of the Holy Quran

The Holy Quran is a holy book filled with revelations from God, and Surah Humazah is one of its chapters. Reading this chapter brings many spiritual, physical, and mental benefits. In this blog post, we will explore the various Surah Humazah Benefits that come from reading Chapter 104 of the Holy Quran.

Understanding Surah Humazah
Surah Humazah is the 104th chapter of the Holy Quran, revealed in Makkah. This Chapter has 24 verses and is a Makki Sura. It is believed that this Surat contains great spiritual benefits for those who read it. According to the Hadith, this chapter is known as the healing medicine of the Quran.
The Surat mentions the weaknesses and arrogance of the disbelievers and warns against their evil deeds. This Chapter also reminds believers of the painful punishment that awaits those who do not obey Allah’s commands. Additionally, it encourages believers to remain steadfast and have faith in God’s plan and guidance, despite difficult times.

The benefits of reciting Suratul Al-Humazah are numerous, both in this world and in the Hereafter. It can bring inner peace, strength, and courage to overcome any adversity. In addition, it is said to have healing powers, with some Muslim scholars believing that Quran is Healing. Reciting this chapter can bring about physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Moreover, those who regularly recite this Surah are believed to be granted protection from any harm or distress in this world.

Thus, understanding Surat Humazah is beneficial in providing us with insight into Allah’s words and knowledge of His will. With its many spiritual and healing benefits, it is essential to learn more about this Surah to reap its rewards.

What are the Benefits of Reading Surah Humazah ?
Reading Surah Humazah has immense benefits. It is said to be a powerful surat that can provide great spiritual and physical healing. One of the main benefits of reading Surat Humazah is the spiritual connection it provides with Allah. This connection can be established through reciting the ayahs of this surah. Moreover, reciting Surat Humazah helps increase one’s faith in Allah and make one more pious.
Surat Humazah also has physical healing properties.

Studies have shown that reciting this surah helps in strengthening the immune system, relieving pain, and reducing stress. The Quran itself is said to be a healing book and Surah Humazah is no exception. Furthermore, reciting this surah helps in cleansing the soul and providing spiritual protection against negative energy.

Overall, Sura Humazah is a powerful surah that brings both spiritual and physical healing. With its healing properties, it serves as a reminder to believers of the power of Allah and His mercy. By reciting this Surat, believers can receive the blessing of Allah and draw closer to Him. Ultimately, this is the greatest benefit of reading Surah Humazah.

How to Read Surah Humazah ?
Sura Humazah is a short chapter of the Holy Quran that is filled with healing benefits. It contains ten verses of guidance and protection from the divine. The recitation of this chapter is thought to bring about a sense of comfort and ease for those who recite it. So if you’re feeling burdened, reading Surah Humazah may be just what you need!

The first step in reading Surah Humazah benefits is to familiarize yourself with its content. This can be done by reading the English translation of the chapter, which can be easily found online. Once you have done this, it is time to actually begin the recitation.

When reading Sura Humazah, it is best to start at the beginning and go in order. However, there is no harm in jumping around, as long as you read through the entire chapter. As you recite each verse, take a moment to reflect on its meaning and allow the words to permeate your heart and mind. As you recite these words of wisdom, remember that the Quran is truly a source of healing.

Reading Surah Humazah benefits can be a very calming and therapeutic experience. Once you have finished reading through the chapter, take a few moments to focus on the peace and tranquility that it has brought you. As you feel the positive energy radiating from your soul, thank Allah for allowing you to be blessed with such words of comfort.

By taking the time to read Surah Humazah benefits and reflecting upon its words, you can harness the power of the Quran and use it as a source of healing for both your mind and body.

Surah Humazah Benefits :-

  1. Our Beloved Prophet (Sallal laahu alihi wasallam) says: “He who recites Surah Humazah will be rewarded ‘ten good deeds’ as many as the number of those who mocked Muhammad (Sallal laahu alihi wasallam) and his companions”.
  2. Our Beloved Imam Sadiq (Radi Allahu Tala Anhu) said that he who recites Surah Humazah in any of his obligatory prayers, poverty will stay away from him, sustenance will approach him,safe from poverty and a hideous death will be repelled from him.
  3. Reciting Surah al-Humazah is also a cure for pain in the eyes and should be recited before blowing gently into the eyes for relief from pain.
  4. For Children you can use Surah Humazah Taweez/talisman around one’s neck it protect from the ‘evil eye’.
  5. Recite Surah Humazah benefits for Easy death. 
  6. Those who recites Surah Humazah in his optional salats Allah would remove his poverty and make easy for him earning of livelihood, keep him safe from accidental death; and virtues equal to the number of those who ridiculed the Holy Prophet (Sallal laahu alihi wasallam) and his companions would be credited to his account.
  7. If Surah Humazah is written on paper and put around the neck of a man whose eyes are aching, the pain would be cured.
  8. Recite Surah Humazah and breathe over the man who is a victim of an evil eye, the effects of the evil eye would disappear, inshallah.

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