Virtues of Surah Qalam Benefits (Chapter 68)

Virtues of Surah Qalam Benefits (Chapter 68)

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In The Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful 

Sura : Makki by Tilawat : 68 by Reveal : 2 Ruku` : 2 Ayats : 52 Part No. : 29

(The Pen) Section (juz’) 29 Number of Verses: 52

Surah Qalam (Arabic: سورة القلم‎, “The Pen”) is the 68th surah of the Quran with 52 ayat. The Surat describes Allah‘s justice and the judgment day. Three important themes of this Surah are a response to the opponents objections, warning and admonition to the disbelievers, and exhortation of patience to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Chronologically, this is the first appearance of any of the “disjointed” [i.e., single] letters (muqattaat) which precede a number of the surahs of the Qur’an while in Quranic Order this is the last surah to have the appearance of (muqattaat).

All in all, the topics discussed in the Chapter may be epitomized as follows:

  • The blessed Chapter opens with some of the excellences peculiar to the Messenger of Allah (S), particularly his nobilities, and proceeds to lay emphasis on them.
  • The blessed Chapter proceeds with an enumeration of his foes’ vices.
  • Making mention of the people of Paradise actually serves as a warning against the evil polytheists.
  • Mention is also made of miscellaneous material regarding the Day of Resurrection and the disbelievers’ torments.
  • The Noble Prophet (S.A.W) of the Islamic faith  is enjoined to persevere and exercise patience against obdurate foes.
  • Warnings against polytheists.
  • Finally, the blessed Chapter in question closes with the glory of the Holy Qur’an and different conspiracies of enemies against the Noble Prophet sallal laahu alaihi wasallam.

The designation of the Chapter, mentioned by some as Nun, derives from the opening Verse. Though some of the traditions narrated on the merits of the blessed Chapter reflect that the title is Nun wa ’l-Qalam.

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Surah Qalam Benefits:

  1. Those who are facing money problem, should recites Surah Al-Qalam, You will never face financial difficulties.
  2. If you Write Surah Al-Qalam, and tying it to any part of the body that is suffering from pain, alleviates the pain.
  3. If Surah Qalam is written on paper and put around the neck of a person suffering from toothache it would disappear at once, and also any injury to the teeth would be healed immediately.
  4. If you Recites Surah Al-Qalam, in obligatory (farz Namaz) and supererogatory salah, Allah would never allow poverty and destitution afflict him and would not punish him, and give him that reward which He has reserved for those whom He likes very much.

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