Surah Qaf Benefits, Virtues of Quran Chapter 50

Surah Qaf Benefits, Virtues of Quran Chapter 50

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In The Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful 

Sura : Makkiby Tilawat : 50by Reveal : 34Ruku` : 3Ayats : 45Part No. : 26

(Qaf) Section (juz’ 26) Number of Verses: 45

Surah Qaf is ‘makki’ and it has 45 ayat. The title of this Sura derives from the opening detached letter qaf. Similar to other Meccan Chapters, the Sura in question treats of resurrection and an exposition of the destinies of former nations as well as those of the good and the vicious.

The Surat opens with the opponents’ denial of resurrection and proceeds with making mention of the examples of resurrection in nature and creation.

Suraah Qaf is a challenging reminder to readers: LOOK at the things around you for those who want proof. LISTEN to the words that self-explain the nature of Allaah. LOOK at how dead plants are resurrected, water and life is balanced and the planets and skies don’t go crashing into one another.

Surah Qaf Benefits

There are many few are given below

  1. If you recites Surah Qaf in obligatory and supererogatory salats, Allah would add and multiply his means of livelihood, would give his record of deeds in his right hand on the day of reckoning; and would leniently examine him. It is also said that at the time of death he would have a smooth sailing.
  2. If Surah Qaf is written on paper and put around the neck of a man who is suffering from epilepsy, he would be fully cured.
  3. If Surah Qaaf is written on a china plate and washed with clean water and given to a mother having little milk in her breasts, would have enough milk to feed her child. In some traditions it is written that she should drink the water directly from the plate or utensil.
  4. Reciting Surah Qaaf in salat increases one’s sustenance and makes the accounting of the Day of Judgement easy.
  5. One Suraah Qaf Benefits is Cure for many acute disease, just write and drink water in which this Taweez has been dissolved.
  6. The Ayat/Verse 23 of this Surah is especially good for the cure of eye ailments.
  7. Surah Qaf benefit those Who have eye problem, recite this verse and blow into some water and then drink it, and by the will of Allah (S.w.T.) any problem with eyes will be cured.

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