Top 100 Muslim Girl Names With T

Muslim Girl Names With T

NAMES STARTING WITH ALPHABET T  AND THEIR PERSONALITY — You are very sensitive, private & sometimes very passive. You like someone who takes the lead. Music, soft lights & romantic thoughts turn you on. 

You fantasize & tend to fall in & out of love soon. When in love you are romantic, idealistic & mushy. You enjoy having your senses & your feelings stimulated, titillated & teased. 

You are a great flirt. You can make your relationships fit your dreams, all in your own head. Once you put your mind to something you manage to stand by it and see your dreams through. 

You aren’t very good at expressing your feelings. You like things your own way. You do not like change; you like to hold on to things. 

This may not always be good because if given an opportunity things may develop into great things. You work your way to the top. 

Attention must be given to what others say because even though you don’t want to hear it their advice may turn ! out to save your life.

Muslim Girl Names With T

1. Taabah :

Sweet, Agreeable, Pure, Excellent

2. Taadeel

Moderation, equality

3. Taahira

Pure, Chaste

4. Taahirah


5. Taaiba


6. Taaibah

One who refrains from evil-doings, repentant.

7. Taalah

Young palm tree

8. Taalea


9. Taaliah

Lucky, fortunate, fortune

10. Taalluf

Harmony, Intimacy, Mutual Affection

11. Taaqul

Wise thought.

12. Taara

Most brilliant star

13. Taasees

Inception, foundation.

14. Taba


15. Tabahhuj

Be glad, Cheerful

16. Tabahhur

Like the river, Profoundly learned, Deep

17. Tabalah

She was a narrator of Hadith

18. Taban

Glittering, splendid.

19. Tabana

Bright moonlight.

20. Tabani


21. Tabassum


22. Tabasumm

Sweet smile

23. Tabeedah

Complex, zigzag, curling.

24. Tabeen


25. Tabeer

Result of deeds.

26. Tabina

Enlighting, sparkling.

27. Tabinda

Bright, shining

28. Tafida

Paradise egyptian name

29. Taghrid

Singing as a bird

30. Tahani


Muslim Girl Names With T

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31. Tahera

Pure, chaste

32. Tahira

Holy, Pure

33. Tahirah


34. Tahirah

Pure, chaste

35. Tahiya

Greeting, salutation, cheer

36. Tahiyah


37. Tahiyat


38. Tahiyyah


39. Tahkeem

Power, rule.

40. Tahleem

Beauty, decoration

41. Tahmina

Wife of famous Persian hero Rustam and mother of Sohrab.

42. Tahniat


43. Tahreem

Respectful, honorable

44. Tahseen

Adornment, ornament

45. Tahseenah


46. Taiba

One who refrains from evil-doings, repentant, fem. of Taib.

47. Taibah


48. Taif

Vision, spectre.

49. Taima

Oasis in Northwest Arabia.

50. Taisir


51. Tajmeel

Beautifully, decoration, beauty.

52. Tajweed

Praise of Allah.

53. Takiyah

Pious, righteous

54. Takreem

Respect, honour.

55. Talah

Young palm tree.

56. Talat

Face, Sight

57. Talbashah

Name of narrator of Hadith

58. Talhah

Her Kuniyah was Umm Ghurab and she was a narrator of Hadith.

59. Tali

Rising star, rising.

60. Talia

Dew Of Heaven.

Muslim Girl Names With T

61. Taliba

Student, seeker, pursuer

62. Talibah

Seeker after knowledge

63. Talwasa

As in may you always live.

64. Tamadhur

Proper name

65. Tamador

milk, praises

66. Tamadur


67. Tamanna

To wish, to desire, to hope.

68. Tamanni


69. Tamar


70. Tamara

Date tree

71. Tamazur

Brilliant, whiteness.

72. Tameemah

Name of a poetess

73. Tameemiya


74. Tameen

Protection, patronage, care.

75. Tameez

Distinction, difference

76. Tameka


77. Tamkeen

Honour, place, status, show.

78. Tamra

Date Palm, Palm Tree

79. Tamseel

Example, allegory, parable.

80. Tanaz


81. Tanisha


82. Tanjia

Rescue, salvation

83. Tanveer

Rays Of Light(Origin Islamic)

84. Tanweer

Radiant, Illuminating

85. Tanzeela


86. Tanzila

Sent down

87. Taqadus


88. Taqdees

Holiness, The purity

89. Taqiya

God-fearing, devout, pious

90. Taqiyah

Heedful of God

91. Taqwa

Piety, devoutness, heedfulness of God

92. Taqwaa

Piety, heedfulness, devoutness of God

93. Taqwaa

Piety, devoutness

94. Tara


95. Taraab

Joy & sorrow.

96. Tarana

Melody, Song

97. Tarannum


98. Tareefa

Rare, Strange, Curious

99. Tarfa

Kind Of Tree

100. Tarib

Lively, gleeful, merry.

Muslim Girl Names With T

Muslim Girl Names With T
Top 100 Muslim Girl Names With T 1

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