Muslim Girl Names With S

Muslim Girl Names With S

Muslim Girl Names With S

NAMES STARTING WITH ALPHABET S YOUR PERSONALITY — For you, it is pleasure before business and interested in action. You can be romantically idealistic to a fault and is capable of much sensuality. 

You are very sexy, sensual, and passionate. But you never loose control of your emotions. Once you make the commitment you stick like glue. You could get jealous and possessive. You tend to be very selfish often regarding yourself as the only human being on the planet. 

You like being the center of attention. You are very caring, sensitive, private & sometimes very passive. Turned on by soft lights, romantic thoughts. 

When it gets down to the nitty-gritty, you are an expert. You know all the little tricks of the trade, can play any role, or any game, and take your love life very seriously. 

You don’t fool around. You have the patience to wait for the right person to come along. You are kind nature & sweet, which is found to be attractive by many.

Muslim Girl Names With S

1. Saabira


2. Saabirah

Patient, tolorant.

3. Saachi

Truth, grace

4. Saadia


5. Saadiqhah

True, sincere, faithful, veracious.

6. Saadiya


7. Saahibah

Friend, colleague.

8. Saaida

Branch, tributary.

9. Saaimah

Fasting woman.

10. Saaiqa


11. Saairah

Name of a Sahabiyyah (RA).

12. Saajidah

Prostrating in prayer (salah), one who makes sajdah.

13. Saaleha


14. Saalifah

Previous, last.

15. Saaliha

Pure pios and devoted

16. Saalihah

Pious, righteous.

17. Saalikah

Following, proceeding.

18. Saalima

Safe, Healthy

19. Saamiya

Elevated, Lofty

20. Saamiya

Elevated, exhalted, lofty.

Muslim Girl Names With S

21. Saara

Wife of the Prophet Ibrahim.

22. Saarah

(Saara) The wife of Hazrat Ibrahim (peace be upon him) the prophet of Allah.

23. Saariyah

Name of a Sahabiyyah (RA).

24. Saarrah

A lady whose carming manner causes joy and happiness.

25. Saat

Moment, time, occasion.

26. Saba

Sheba, a town in Yemen

27. Sabaa

a nice wind

28. Sabaahat

Beauty, gracefulness, comeliness.

29. Sabaha

Morning, Dawn, Beautiful

30. Sabbaaqa

Triumphant, Superior, Pre eminent

31. Sabburah

Very patient, enduring

32. Sabeeha

Beautiful, handsome, morning.

33. Sabeehah

Beautiful, handsome.

34. Sabeehah, Sabiha


35. Sabeen

Cool breeze of the early morning

36. Sabeena

Small Sword.

37. Sabeera

Patient, tolerant

38. Sabeeyah

Baby girl

39. Sabha

Pretty, beautiful, graceful

40. Sabia

Captivating, enchanting

41. Sabih

Pretty, beautiful, graceful.

42. Sabiha

Beautiful, blonde

43. Sabihah

Beautiful, blonde

44. Sabina


45. Sabiqa

First, winner, fem. of Sabiq.

46. Sabiqah


47. Sabira

Patient, tolerant

48. Sabirah

Patient, perseverant

49. Sabirah, Saabira


50. Sabirah, Sabira

Patient, perseverant.

Muslim Girl Names With S

51. Sabita

Well established, certain

52. Sabiya

brilliant, splendid

53. Sabooha

Pure, chaste.

54. Sabqat


55. Sabr

Patience, self control

56. Sabreen, Sabreena

Patient, forbearing

57. Sabrina

White rose

58. Sabriya

Patient, fem. of Sabri.

59. Sabriyah


60. Sabriyya

Feminine form of SABRI

61. Sabuh

Shining, brilliant.

62. Sabuhi

Morning Star

63. Sabura

Very patient, enduring.

64. Sadad

Right thing to do, lucky hand

65. Sadaf

Shell, Oyster, Pearl

66. Sadah


67. Sadaqa

Deeds of charity done in Allahs (swt) cause

68. Sadat

Happiness, bliss, felicity

69. Sadeeqa

Friend, companion

70. Sadi

Daughter of Awf al-Muruyyah

71. Sadia

Feminine form of SADI

72. Sadiah

Good luck

Muslim Girl Names With S

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73. Sadida

Correct, right, sound

74. Sadiqa

True, truthful, honest

75. Sadiqah

Truthful, sincere

76. Sadiya

Happiness, luck, blissful

77. Sadiyah


78. Sadoof

Name of a poetess

79. Sadooh

Singer, singing.

80. Saduq

Honest, truthful, sincere

81. Saeeda

Happy, lucky, fem. of Saeed.

82. Saeedah

Fortunate, Auspicious

83. Safaa

Clarity, purity, serenity

84. Safeena

A boat, Safeenah

85. Safeenah


86. Safeerah


87. Saffah

Killer, blood shedder.

88. Saffanah


89. Saffiya

Best freind

90. Safia


91. Safia, Safiyyah

Pure,Virtuous,Wife of prophet

92. Safira


93. Safiya

Untroubled, Serene, Pure, Best friend

94. Safiyah


95. Safiya, Safiyyah

Untroubled, serene, pure, best friend

96. Safiyya

Best friend

97. Safiyyah

Untroubled, serene, pure, best friend

98. Safiyyah, Safiya

Untroubled, serene, pure, best friend

99. Safoor


100. Safoora

God-fearing, Pious, Chosen

Muslim Girl Names With S

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