Benefits of Zikrullah Ya Khaliqu Wazifa

2 Powerful Ya Khaliqu Wazifa Benefits of Zikrullah

2 Powerful Ya Khaliqu Wazifa Benefits

The Creator,  The Planner

The One who determines and creates according to the proper measure and proportion of each thing. The One who plans and determines how, when and where to create.

The One whose works are perfectly suited, appropriate, fitting and proper. The One who creates something from nothing. The One who creates both the inner and the outer in just proportions.

The One who brings things into existence from a state of non-existence. The One who has the power to change things back and forth between the states of existing and non-existing.

From the root kh-l-q which has the following classical Arabic connotations:

to measure accurately
to determine the proper measure or proportion for something
to proportion one thing according to another
to create something based on a pattern or model which one has devised
to bring a thing into existence from non-existence

This name is used in the Qur’ān. For example, see 59:24

Related names:

Bāri’ denotes the way the One works with substances, often creating from existing matter, making and evolving that which is free and clear of any other thing, free and clear of imperfections.

Badī’ denotes the One who creates in wonderful, amazingly original ways that have no precedent whatsoever, ways that are awesome innovation.

Khāliq denotes the One who continues to plan, measure out and create, and who has the power to change things from non-existing to existing.

Musawwir denotes the One who arranges forms and colors, and who is the shaper of beauty.

Mubdi’ denotes the One who starts or begins all things, or that which has precedence given to it.

Also expressed as al-Khallāq (great creator).

(Also written as al-khaliq, al-khaaliq, the Creator: ya khaliq, ya khaaliq)

Benefits Ya Khaliq:

  1. He who repeats this Name 100 times for seven days without break, Allah will create an angel whose duty will be to act righteously for this person until the Day of Judgement. The reward for angel’s actions will be given to that person.
  2. Ya Khaliq Wazifa for Pregnancy Survive : If the pregnancy of a woman can not survive for the whole time she loses it then if she recites Ya Khaliqu Ya Khaliq for 7000 times in a day after the Esha prayer and also reciets any Darood Sharif for 21 times before and 21 time after and blow on the glass of water and drink it, do this process for 7 days. Allah will bless her and her pregnancy will stay till end and she will bless by Allah with a baby.
  3. Ya Khaliqu Wazifa :The reciter of this name 742 times for 7 days will be protected from all evils. He who recites this name often, his face will become illuminated.

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