Zikr of Allah Benefits

Zikr of Allah Benefits are Numerous

Zikr of Allah Benefits

The most effective prayer advised by RasulAllah Muhammad (peace be upon him) to be practiced on a daily basis.

Zikr of Allah
Zikr Of Allah Benefits Are Numerous 4

Start practicing zikr today, you will soon see how your world changed!

Dhikr “Zikr” is not a way of mentioning or worshipping a god out-there, but is a way of unfolding the qualities within us which belong to Haqq in origin. When we are praying, we are not asking help from a god afar off, but we are manifesting the qualities from within ourselves which belonged to Allah in origin.

Whether you believe or not, when you practice zikr regularly for a period of time, its benefits will manifest automatically before long and you will observe the changes in your life. Because, the repetition of zikr words increases neural activity in the brain and new areas and additional neural groups are put to action and the results manifest simultaneously in your daily life .

When the zikr is practiced, different regions and dormant neural groups of the brain engages and becomes active, so THE WORKING CAPACITY OF THE BRAIN INCREASES.

Here is a list of zikr suggested by Author Ahmed Hulusi for everyone to be practiced regularly on a daily basis. You will be able to observe its benefits in your life in about three months by the latest.

The higher the level we use our brains and appreciate, the more the benefits we attain.

At that degree we will have an ability to think comprehensively, reach an objective point of view, reinforce our spiritual power and reach a broader capacity to know “ALLAH.”

But how will we be able to improve (develop) our brains?

As we have already discussed it in our book entitled “DUA and ZIKR” broadly, this can be achieved through the practice known as “ZIKR!”

The only key for a person to reach all this is “DHIKR.”

As a detailed information of its mechanism is already available in our book entitled “MYSTERIES OF HUMAN,” now, I will give only a brief summary of it.

We can understand “Dhikr” simply as the repetition of particular names of “ALLAH” or as the recitation of some prayers.

In the second sense, “Dhikr” refers to remembering, mentioning and meditating.

In a superior dimension “Dhikr” is known as persisting, dwelling on a subject to the point of its full comprehension and meditating on it.

A few of the signs on the importance of zikr in the Quran are as follows:

“Believers, let neither your riches nor your children beguile you of ALLAH’s ZIKR! Whoever does that, these are the losers!” (63:9)

“You gave them and their fathers the good things so much that they did not think about your warnings and acted heedlessly and they finally forgot ZIKR and thus incurred destruction!”


“Whoever turns himself from the ZIKR of RAHMAN (The Beneficent) shall have a devil (jinn) for his companion. Devil turns them away from the right path, though they may THINK themselves rightly guided!”

“Satan (jinn) has gained the mastery over them so he has made them forget ZIKR of ALLAH! They are the confederates of Satan! Satan’s confederates will assuredly be lost.

” (58:19)
A major negligence of ours is the fact that most of us do not practice zikr at all. The brains which lack the power of zikr are indeed easily influenced by the jinni.

That is to say, the phenomenon known as the Satan’s obsession is a matter of a greater importance in areas than thought.

The Quran informs that the MAJORITY of human beings are under the domination of jinni as in the following sign:

“Jinn, you have seduced mankind BY A LARGE MAJORITY!” (6:128)

is mankind’s unique defense arm against the influences from the jinni who, in our day, present themselves as “aliens,” or “extraterrestrial beings” and are commonly recognized as UFO!
The Quran teaches us the prayer of safeguard to recite against them:

“Rabbi `annii massaniyash Shaytanu binusbin wa `adhab. Rabbi `a-‘auuzu biqa min hamazaatish shaayatiini Wa `a’-uuzu biqa Rabbi any-yakhzuruun. Wa khifzam-min kulli Shaytaanim-maarid “

(Saad:41, Mu’minun: 97-98, Saffat:7)

Zikr of Allah Benefits

Zikr and dua (recital of prayers) are man’s unique self-defense arms against the jinn who always keep close to cigarette smokers as CIGARETTE smoke is one of their major nutrients.

Nevertheless, if a person produces a defensive magnetic zone around himself through his brain by way of prayers’ recital and zikr, he can partly weaken the impulses sent by the jinni and even completely avoid them.

Because, one of the benefits gained through zikr is that a protective area forms around the working person through his brain’s transmission in relation with the content of zikr words he meditates.

Of course, it should be the main goal for every human to know himself as well as his surrounding by improving his brain by way of zikr. Because, there exists such superior potentials in our brains that one cannot even imagine. If only we could take advantage of them!

One can understand the nature of human and the existence, their system of operation, and the qualities within human as well as the way to appreciate those qualities only by way of KNOWLEDGE and ZIKR. And all these are attained only after the complementary zikr practices are achieved.

Zikr of Allah Benefits

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(Arabic: ذِكْر, /ðɪkr/, also spelled Zikr, Thikr, Zekr, or Zikar, lit. ‘remembrance, reminder’ or ‘mention’) is a form of Islamic prayer in which phrases or

(Arabic: ذِكْر, /ðɪkr/, also spelled Zikr, Thikr, Zekr, or Zikar, lit. ‘remembrance, reminder’ or ‘mention’) is a form of Islamic prayer in which phrases or

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