Virtues of Surah Zilzal Benefits (Chapter 99)

Virtues of Surah Zilzal Benefits (Chapter 99)

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In The Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful 

Virtues of Surah Zilzal Benefits (Chapter 99)
Virtues Of Surah Zilzal Benefits (Chapter 99) 2

(The Quaking) Number of Verses: 8

Surah Al-Zalzalah (Arabic: سورة الزلزلة‎, “The Quake”) is the 99th sura of the Qur’an, composed of 8 verses. This Sura Al-Zalzalah was revealed in Madinah. Opinions are divided as to whether Al-Zalzalah Sura was revealed in Mecca or Medina. It is generally referred to as being of the early Medinan period, by some commentators, while some others believe that it can be of the late Meccan period.

The style of its verses, which are about Resurrection and the preliminary signs of its occurrence, appears to be like the Meccan Suras, but there is a tradition which says that when this Surah was revealed, Abu-Sa’id-Khudri asked Our Beloved Prophet sallal laahu alaihi wasallam a question about the following verse:

“So, whoever has done an atom’s weight of good shall behold it”, and we know that Abu-Sa’id joined the Muslims in Medina.

In any case, whether it is Meccan or Medinan, it does not change the meaning and the commentary of the Surah.

This Surah mainly pivots on three points: First, it speaks about the preliminary signs of the appearance of the Hereafter, and then, it tells us about the Earth as a witness to all of Man’s deeds.

The Many Benefits of Surah Zilzal from the Holy Quran

Surah Zilzal is one of the most powerful surahs in the Holy Quran and its benefits are many. Reciting this surah can bring a host of physical, mental, and spiritual benefits, making it a valuable part of a spiritual practice. Not only is Surah Zilzal benefits for physical and mental well-being, but it also has the power to bring healing and peace to those who recite it. It is believed that Surah Zilzal Benefits can bring healing to both the body and soul and the Quran is said to be a powerful source of healing for everyone.

Surah Zilzal is a short but powerful surah

The short but powerful Surah Zilzal is a Surah from the Holy Quran, which was revealed in Mecca. This surah contains 8 verses and it is one of the Meccan surahs. The name Zilzal itself means “The Earthquake,” and it symbolizes the shaking of the earth on the Day of Judgment.

The main theme of this Surah is Allah’s power and justice and how people should respond to it. The power of Allah can be seen in the very first verse of this Surah. It says, “When the earth is shaken with her (final) earthquake.” The message here is that whatever happens on the earth is through the will of Allah.

Surah Zilzal helps with anxiety and stress

The Holy Quran is a powerful tool for healing and helping with anxiety and stress. Surah Zilzal benefits is a short but effective surah that can be used to help with mental health issues such as stress and anxiety. This surah was revealed after the Prophet (peace be upon him) saw a vision of a great earthquake that would take place, and this surah brings great peace to those who recite it.

By reciting this short surah daily, believers can bring about a profound sense of calm and security in their lives. The message behind this surah is that whatever we experience in life, God will not leave us alone and will always provide support and comfort. The verse, “When the earth quakes with its quaking, And the earth throws out its burdens, And man says: What has befallen it? That day it will tell its news, Because your Lord has commanded it” (Quran 99:1-5) reminds us that we are all part of God’s plan and that He will always be there for us.

With this understanding, those who recite this surah find that their anxieties and worries dissipate, allowing them to be in the moment without feeling overwhelmed by stress.

Surah Zilzal is known as the Earthquake surah

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Surah Zilzal Benefits:- There are many benefits of Surah Zilzal, few are given below

  1. Our Beloved Prophet sallal laahu alaihi wasallam said: “He who recites it (Surah Zilzal), it is the same as if he had recited Surah Baqarah, his reward is as much as the one who would have recited one fourth of the Qur’an.”
  2. Our Beloved Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (Radi allahu tala anhu) said:“Be never tired of reciting it (Surah Zilzal), because everyone who recites it in his nawafil prayers will never be involved in an earthquake and he will not die by it, nor should he be hurt by lightning or any worldly pests until he dies”.
  3. Those who recites Surah Zilzal Al-Zalzalah regularly in his supererogatory salats would never be in a place where an earthquake quakes, he would not die in an earthquake or by a lightning, nor he would die on account of any calamity, till he dies a natural death; and when he is going to die an angel would come and sit near his head and say to Izrail; “treat him kindly since he is a favourite of Allah, as he used to remember Allah very much.”
  4. Along with angel this surah would also say the same words. Izrail would say that Allah has also commanded him not to take out his soul without his permission. When the reciter sees the place allotted to him in paradise, he would give permission to Izrail to take out his soul. 
  5. Those who recites Surah Zilzal regularly would get a very peaceful death. After death seventy thousand angels would take him to paradise. At the time of entering into paradise Allah would say: “My servant you are a decoration for My paradise, live wherever you like. All the facilities of paradise are at your disposal.”
  6. Keeping Surah Zilzal in one’s possession is a safety from tyrant rulers.
  7. Another Surah Zilzal benefits the person who regularly recites, will see the nur of Jannah at death.
  8. Those who recites Surah Zilzal would get reward of a man who has recited one fourth Quran.
  9. Those who writes Surah Zilzal on paper and wears around the neck as a taweez and goes to a man of authority his fear of that man-in-authority would disappear and he would come out fully satisfied from the interview.
  10. reciting Surah Zilzal can help manifest your desires
  11. Surah Zilzal brings blessings and protection

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