5 Powerful Surah Qariah Benefits, Virtues Of Chapter 101

Surah Qariah Benefits, Virtues of Chapter 101

Surah Qariah Benefits, Virtues of Chapter 101

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In The Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful 

5 Powerful Surah Qariah Benefits, Virtues Of Chapter 101
Surah Qariah Benefits, Virtues Of Chapter 101 4

(The Calamity) Number of Verses: 11

Surah Qariah (Arabic: سورة القارعة‎) is the 101st chapter (surat) of the Quran with 11 verses.

This is a ‘makki’ Surah. This chapter takes its name from its first word “qari’ah This Surat, on the whole, describes the Resurrection Day and its preliminary events.

The style is alarming and awakening with some clear warnings. According to this Surat, people are divided into two definite groups: Those whose good deeds weigh heavy by the Divine Scales will rejoice in a pleasant life; and those whose good deeds weigh light will have the abyss as their abode.

The name of the Surat, Al-Qari’ah, is taken from the first verse.

What are the healing powers of Quran ?

The Quran is one of the most sacred and powerful scriptures in the world. For centuries, Muslims have looked to the holy text for guidance, comfort, and healing. One of the most prominent and beneficial chapters of the Quran is Suratul Asr, which contains many spiritual and physical healing benefits. In this blog post, we will discuss the Suratul Asr Benefits and how the Quran is a healing source for all.

How to Recite Surah Qariah ?

Surah Asr is the 103rd chapter of the Holy Quran and is one of the most important Surahs in the Quran. It consists of three verses and is extremely short, making it easy to recite. The Surat was revealed in Mecca and is named after the word “Asr” which means “Time”.

The best way to recite Suratul Asr is by reciting it slowly with concentration and focus. When reciting, focus on understanding the meaning of each word and phrase as you recite them. This will ensure that you are able to understand the significance of the Surah and benefit from its teachings.

When reciting, it is also important to recite with humility and reverence. By taking this approach, you can ensure that your recitation is done with a feeling of respect for the Divine words. After reciting, it is best to take some time to reflect upon the verses and their meanings.

By following these steps and reciting Surah Asr regularly, you can ensure that you are taking full advantage of the teachings in the Holy Quran.

What are the Surah Qariah Benefits ?

Surah Asr is a chapter of the Holy Quran, the Muslim holy book. It is one of the most powerful and important surahs in the Quran, with its powerful and meaningful verses providing great spiritual benefits to those who recite it.

One of the major benefits of reciting Surat Asr is that it gives peace and tranquility to your mind and soul. The words of this surat are said to bring clarity and strength to our minds, helping us better focus on our goals and objectives in life. It helps us to stay away from distractions and remain focused on the good we should be doing.

Another benefit of reciting Surah Asr benefits is that it helps us stay connected with Allah and increases our faith in Him. The words of this surah remind us of our commitment to Him and His plan for us. It helps us recognize our weaknesses and failings and reminds us of Allah’s mercy and compassion, leading us to strive to be better Muslims.

Reciting Surah Asr benefits also helps us gain greater self-awareness, allowing us to recognize our mistakes and learn from them. The verses help us acknowledge our shortcomings and strive to be better versions of ourselves.

In addition, reciting Surah Asr benefits gives us strength and courage during difficult times. The words give us hope and remind us that no matter how tough things may seem, Allah will always be there to help and guide us.

Overall, reciting Surah Asr benefits are many spiritual benefits, all of which can help one live a more meaningful life according to the teachings of the Holy Quran.

Surah Qariah Benefits: There are many Surat Benefits, few are given below

  1. On the virtue of reciting the Suratt, a tradition from Our Beloved Imam Muhammad Baqar (Radi allahu tala anhu) said: “He who recites Al-Qari’ah, Allah secures him from the calamity of (believing in) Dajjal (the deceiver) and also from the hideousness of Hell on the Day of Judgement, Allah willing.
  2. If a businessman/business lady is in a financial difficulties keep Surat in his possession, the doors of sustenance will be opened to him. Recitation of this Surah in prayers also increases in one’s sustenance. Recite to gain a business booster
  3. Water in which this Surah has been dissolved is useful in keeping away unwanted pests (eg. Insects and rodents).
  4. Those who writes this surat on paper and hangs it in the house, his poverty would go and prosperity would come in.
  5. If the written Surah Qari’ah as a taweez is put around the neck, failing business would suddenly become a highly profitable enterprise.

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