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Self Healing Course Powerful Healing to get what you want



Self Healing Course, Powerful Healing

Self Healing Course
Self Healing Course, Powerful Healing

I have got stuck & so many Blockages in Life, Why?

I need a well-paid job, make more profits in Business, but it’s not working Why?


My friend doesn’t like me, nobody loves me Why due to Black Magic, Jadoo & Evils Eye problems?

Can I help myself with Self Healings?

We have answer to all your problems, here is a Golden Opportunity to Decode your problems and become successful in your life.

Learn Self-Healing, A Powerful way to heal yourself, achieve whatever you want and Grow Higher.



Healing the act or process of regaining health. As per World Health Organisation Health {WHO} Health is defined as state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease. Alternative or Holistic Therapy covers all the aspect like physical, Emotional, Spiritual and mental health.


Self-Healing is the Most Valuable Gift of Almighty given to us, by which we can Heal our own body. Yes, that’s right what you heard it very True, Even Medical Science believes that body can heal itself.


SELF Energy Healing is not a magic nor a mysterious process, but is in fact very natural instinct with which every human being is born but fail to realize this potential power.


It is an instinctive ability within all human being as it is a Divine quality which human being possess. All we need to do it learn about this and explore the world of Spirituality.


Like any other skill, we need to Learn this Self-Healing and decode your life. If you are stressed, anxious, or physically drained, an energy healing session can help you relax and feel more balanced.

How this Healing Works?

Almighty Allah created this world, all objects in the universe, including human bodies, are composed of energy. We are all connected brain to brain and cell to cell. By maintaining a self-awareness of our own thoughts, feelings and actions, we can choose to impact those around us, and thus our organizational culture, in very positive or negative ways.


What are the Benefits of Self healing Course?

Self-Healing has numerous benefits in every persons life.

There are numerous benefits

  • Helps you release stress and find a sense of peace.
  • Helps you to reduce anxiety.
  • Helps you to balance to mind, body, and soul.
  • Get rid of negative thoughts, aids in concentration and preventing random thoughts from throwing you off balance.
  • Helps to build up your creative energy to tackle projects in your life.
  • Cleansing of house to remove bad energies.
  • Improve your relationship with family, brother, sister, spouse
  • Remove blockages, financial hurdles, business problems.
  • The list is endless, as this purely based on Intent healing.

Who can join this Self Healing Course?

Anyone who wants to improve his life in different dimensions.

  • For home maker, it will help her to manage family life, Handle & Groom children in positive atmosphere.
  • For a Business person, it will improve his decision making and build strong relationship with staff and clients.
  • For a Professional person, it will help to improve his/her skills and excel higher in professionally.
  • For a working person, it will improve his focus in office and will do better than before.
  • For Stock Market Traders, it will help him to take right decision at right time to make good profits in while trading online.
  • For a Healthcare person, it will help them to be caring and heal their patient is a spiritual way along with the medical treatment.
  • Self-Healing will help every person, Anyone, you name any profession, job, business.

How Much is the Healing Course Fees & requirements?

One-time Payment of 182 USD for 52 Weeks. But now only 155 usd. Payment by PayPal.

What I will get in 52 weeks?

There will be Live Group Healing Session Every Sunday for 52 weeks, you will see amazing result after each weekly Session. Powerful Sufi method to grow higher Spiritually.

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Join the Self-Healing Course and experience the Divine Healing.

May Almighty ALLAH bless you all and have choicest Grace.