Muslim Girl Names With O

Muslim Girl Names With O

NAMES STARTING WITH ALPHABET O AND YOUR PERSONALITY–You are very interested in fun activities yet secretive and shy about your desires. You can re-channel much of your energy into making money and/or seeking we. 

You can easily have extended periods of celibacy. You are a passionate, compassionate lover, requiring the same qualities from your mate. 

Love is serious business; thus you demand intensity, diversity and is willing to try anything or anyone. 

Sometimes your passions turn to possessiveness, which must be kept in check.

Muslim Girl Names With O

1. Obaidiyah

Bondswoman of Allah

2. Omera

One who posses an inspiring and great personality, enjoys having a positive attitude

3. Ommata

Girl slave.

4. Orwiya

Female mountain goat.

5. Orzala

Brightness of Fire.

6. Ozra

Virgin, Virgin Mary

7. Ozza

A baby fawn, young female

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