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Islamic Names for Girls, Give good names

Islamic Names for Girls

Giving a Child a Name After One of the Prophets of Messengers of Allah islamic names for girls

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:“Call yourselves by the names of the Prophets.” (Part of a Hadith reported by Ahmed & Abu Dawud)

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:“You may name with my name.” (Reported by Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

And we find that following this principle, he called his own son Ibrahim – after the name of his forefather Ibrahim (AS), he (SAW) said:

“A son was born to me this night and I called him after my forefather Ibrahim.” (Reported by Muslim & Abu Dawud)

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) likewise called the son of Abu Musa ‘Ibrahim’ and he called a son of ‘Abdullah ibn Sallaam ‘Yusuf’ after the Prophet (AS). (Reported by Ahmad)

This also used to be practiced by the Bani Israel as the Prophet (SAW) informed us and approved of with his saying:

“They used to name their children after the Prophets and the pious people who came before them.” (Reported by Muslim)

Choosing a Islamic names for your newborn daughter is a momentous decision, one that carries immense significance in Islamic tradition. It is believed that a good name holds a deep influence on a child’s life and personality. In this comprehensive blog post, we will present you with a curated list of unique and beautiful Islamic names for girls. These names not only sound melodious but also carry profound meanings, reflecting the values, faith, and aspirations you hold for your little one.

Islamic Names for Girls, Giving the Child a Name After One of the Pious People

Naming after the Pious People – The Companions, The Martyrs and the Scholars – both the Men and Women of Them.

Hoping that the child will grow up to love and respect them and follow their way and adopt their manners in righteousness, knowledge and seeking martyrdom. For this reason the noble companion az-Zubayr ibn al-Awam (RA) chose the names of some of the martyrs from the Companions for his ten sons, hoping that they would become like them.

So he named one ‘Abdullah after ‘Abdullah ibn Jahsh the martyr of Uhud, and ‘Urwah after ‘Urwah ibn Mas’ood, and Hamzah after Hamzah ibn ‘Abdul-Muttalib – the noblest of the martyrs, and Ja’far after Ja’far ibn Abee Talib – the martyr of Mutah, and Mus’ab after Mus’ab ibn ‘Umayr – the martyr of Uhud (RU) and what we have just mentioned is not specific to the males – rather it is for both the males and the females.

So it is indeed praiseworthy and beneficial for the correct upbringing of daughters that they be called after the names of the pious women and those who participated in Jihad from the female companions and those after them, hoping that they will follow them in piety, chastity and manners, and from these names are: Fatimah, Maryam, Asma, Sumayyah, Nusaybah, Khawlah and others from the pious and believing women.

Islamic Names for Girls, Good Names Which do not Fall Into the Previous Three Categories

Names that are good in their wordings and meanings carrying meanings of bravery, chastity or piety and easily pronounced, harmonious, and suitable and befitting the person who carries the name.

They should be far from that which has been forbidden in the Shariah and from the examples of this type are: Hamzah, Khalid, Anas, Usamah, Thamir, Harith, & Hammam the last two being the most true of names as occurs in the Hadith, and names like them in wording and meaning and from the examples of these for daughters are: Sarah, Hassanah, Su’ad, ‘Affaf and other such names beautiful in wording and meaning.

This class also covers calling the child after the child’s grandfather or grandmother – if it is a good name- as seen in the Hadith:

“So I named him after my forefather ‘Ibrahim.’” (Reported by Muslim & Abu Dawud) 

Q1: Why is choosing an Islamic names important?

A1: Islamic names hold spiritual significance and are believed to influence a person’s character. Choosing a meaningful name is a way to bless your child’s life.

Q2: Can I choose a Islamic names based on its meaning?

A2: Yes, many parents select names based on their meanings to reflect their hopes and values for their child.

Q3: Are these names traditional or modern?

A3: The names presented are a blend of traditional and modern, ensuring a wide range of options for your preferences.

Q4: Is it necessary to choose an Islamic name?

A4: While not mandatory, selecting an Islamic name is a beautiful way to connect your child with Islamic tradition and values.

Q5: Can I combine names to create a unique one?

A5: Yes, combining names or adding prefixes and suffixes is a creative way to give your child a unique and meaningful name.


Bestowing a name upon your newborn daughter is an act of love and faith. Each name on this list carries a unique message, a prayer for her well-being, and a reflection of the beauty she brings into your life. Choose a name that resonates with your heart and values, and may it be a source of blessings and guidance for her throughout her life.

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