Eid E Milad un Nabi Best Sufi Gift From Shaykh Ghouse Gwaliori Shattari

Eid E Milad un Nabi Mubarak to All – Best Sufi Gift for All

On This Blessed Day, Eid E Milad un Nabieid e milad un nabi

we would like to give the Best gift Given By Our Dada Murshid {Grand Shaykh) Shaikh Ul Mashaikh  Qutb-E-Zama Sayed Shah Muhammad Ghous Gwaliori Shuttari (RH)

A Simple Wazifa/Amal to be done on the Mawlidun Nabi (saw) Day, From Morning till Night.It hardly take few minutes, but rewards is for both live, Here and Here After live.​

Anyone who does this Amal on 12th Rabi Awal Eid E Milad un Nabi, He/She will be safe entire year, Also Rasool Allah (SAW) said reciter will go in Jannat without any accounting ( No Hisab).

Shaikh Ul Mashaikh Qutb-E-Zam Sayed Shah Muhammad Ghous Gwaliori Shuttari (RH), said if anyone recites and does not get benefits, one can held me in On Day on Judgement. … (Allah O Akbar) 

First Recite 11 time Durood / Salawat, then the below given Names of Allah Ta’ala 11 times and end send 11 Durood / Salawat.

“Ya Allaho Ya Rahmano Ya Ghafoor Ya Rahimo Ya Hannano Ya Mannano Ya Dayano Ya Subhano”


Sheikh Mohammad Ghaus Gwaliori’s lineage goes back to Khawaja Farid-ud-Din Attar. He was one of the late saints and great leaders of the Indian subcontinent. His lineage goes back to the caliph of Haji Hameed Hazrat Qazan Shah. His grandfather was one of the Sadats of Neshapur. He came to India from Neshapur and settled here. Sheikh Ghaus Gwalior is considered one of the greatest Sufis of the Shatari lineage. He not only promoted the Shatari sect of Sufism but also made it a prominent one. Sheikh Muhammad Ghaus Gwaliori was a great writer. Jawahar-e-Khamsa and Bahr-e-Hayat are his famous works. He died in 15 Ramadan 970 AH. His shrine is in Gwalior.

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