Dreams in Islam are kind of spiritual perception

Dreams in Islam

In Hadith it is narrated from Hazrat Anas [r.a.u] that the Holy Prophet Muhammad [sallal laahu alaihi wasallam] said,

“Glad tidings [dreams] are the forty sixth part prophecy [divining].” [ Bukhari – Muslims]dreams in islam

In Hadith it is narrated from Hazrat Hurara [r.a.u] that the Holy Prophet Muhammad [sallal laahu alaihi wasallam] said,

“One who experienced my sight in dream means he really experienced my sight. Because devil cannot adopt my appearance.”
[ Bukhari – Muslims]


The Holy Prophet Muhammad [sallal laahu alaihi wasallam] said ,

“Three people will be punished on dooms day. One who tells false dream, he will be asked to tie a knot of two pieces of barley and he will not be able to. Second one who draws sketches of idols. He will be asked to enlighten the soul in them but he will not be able to. Third one who lead over that nation whose people dislike him.”

And stated:

“Who consciously lied on me [the Holy Prophet Muhammad, sallal laahu alaihi wasallam] do make his place in hell.”

The Holy Prophet Muhammad [sallal laahu alaihi wasallam] said:

“That person who went to sleep in such a situation that his hand was oily smell and he did not wash it away and during sleep if he suffered any problem so he should blame his concupiscence that this happened because of its carelessness.”

Hazrat Huzahfa [r.a] stated that:

When the Holy Prophet Muhammad [sallal laahu alaihi wasallam] went to bed in night, he put his right hand under his cheek and recites the following Dua (prayer)


and when woke up His Majesty Lord of All the world Prophet of Allah Mohammed (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) recites.


Hazrat Bara Bin Aazib [r.a] stated that:

When the Holy Prophet Muhammad [sallal laahu alaihi wasallam] went to bed he used to sleep on right hand side and offer dua.

Hazrat Shauddad Bin Oas [r.a] stated that:

The Holy Prophet Muhammad [sallal laahu alaihi wasallam] said,

“Muslim who recites any surah from the Holy Quran at bed time then Allah Almighty appoints an angel for his safety who does not allow any harmful substance to come closer to him until he wakes up”

It is proposed from the Holy Prophet [sallal laahu alaihi wasallam ]:

“If somebody experienced a bad dream and woke up from bewilderment [confusion] then he should spit three times on his left hand side and ask Allah’s protection from devil.”

Allama Imam Muhammad Bin Seerain [r.a] stated:

Those visions, which are experienced during the last part of a night or while taking a siesta they possess true interpretation. The dream in the ripening and selling fruits seasons is very much better. The dreams of winter and rainy season are usually dormant.

Before giving interpretation of dream some principles should be kept in mind. It is necessary for an Interpreter that first of all listen the dream of a dreamer very and try to understand it, if there is a Continuously in his explanation and seems similar to each other and gives a meaningful sense then this is a perfect dream.

But if the whole dream is irrelevant and does not qualifies the principles this is a meaningless dream.

If the meanings seems different [dissimilar] after listening a dream then first it should be evaluated that which meanings are nearest to the reality of a dream so adopt that meaning of a dream which are nearest to its reality and gives interpretation according to that. If there is a suspicion or uncertainty with respect to the meanings

Then know the feelings of a dreamer for example is it about a prayer then ask from dreamer about prayer. If the dream is about a journey then ask from dreamer about journey or about journey planning and when get the feelings of a dreamer then give the interpretation by heart.

Some interpretations should be kept in secret but inform its interpretation in some good way such as if the dream is interpreted any obscenity or bad thing then avoid it. By veiling the real interpretation, interpret it in good manner.

To know the sub sanity of a dream an interpreter should know three facts.

Kind [category, type]
After knowing the all three things attributes the dream upon it and takes care in elucidate, for example someone have seen trees, birds and animals. These are all masculine. When gender is recognized so you must acknowledge the category of gender. For example, if trees have seen then of which type and if have seen animals, birds, then of which type. After gender and its category observe the nature. For example it is in the nature of a bird to fly so the dreamer will be going on a journey. If the bird is a peacock then he will be honorable and wealthy and he will have so many followers. Likewise if the date tree is seen then he is a well wisher and if it is a walnut tree, just you can’t get a walnut without cracking it therefore it is attributed from quarrelsome and deceive.

Sometimes it is interpreted from the Holy Quran. Stone is for hard hearted. Because the Allah Almighty said,

“Then your hearts become hard. Then they are like stones or may be harder than them.”

Sometimes it is interpreted from the Holy Hadiths, for example he called the crow a sinner or a lewd to a mice, so crow is interpreted as an evil man.

Sometimes it is interpreted with proverbs such as a long hand is seen in dream a long hand is a proverb means that he will be kind with people.

Sometimes interpretation will be given through outwardly name as proficiency will be the interpretation if the name is Fazal. And if the name is rashid then the interpretation will be rectitude [correct guidance].

Sometimes dreams will be attributed from name such as ` rose` is interpreted as permanence [everlasting].
Sometimes dreams are interpreted contrarily to which is seen. Such as shouting, crying and weeping attributed as joy and laugh, pleasure and dance are attributed in sorrow and grief. And if dreamed that in wrestling someone is recessive actually he is domineering.
Sometimes it is objected to the people status and conditions. Such as if a religious and well wisher body dreamed a servility in his hand or in a neck then in his favor it is proof to protect his quality and from evil and turmoil. If his actions are not like that then it is proof of committing a sin.
Sometimes timings of dreams count more in the interpretation of dream such as it is dreamed during night that riding on an elephant so it is elucidate as a profitable work. But he dreamed the same thing during daytime, he will divorce his wife.
Allama Imam Muhammad Bin Seerain stated that give interpretation based on three presumptions. Insha Allah you will get the righteous and can get the divine help from Allah.

Allama Imam Bin Seerain [r.a] has given eight qualities of an interpreter;

He should be a scholar or savant of the Holy Quran.
He should be a preserver of the Holy Prophet’s [sallal laahu alaihi wasallam] Hadiths.
A full and complete command on Arabic.
He should know the peoples value very well.
Should know the principles of interpretation.
He should have a pious psycho.
He should have chaste [pure] manners.
He should be a true man.


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