Wazaifa Bismillah Benefits, Blessings

Bismillah Benefits, Blessings, Wazaifa – Brief Guide About Bismillah

Bismillah Benefits, Blessings, Wazaifa – Brief Guide About Bismillah

If we were to give an exhaustive account of the benefits of the recitation of “Bismillah…” we would need more than a single volume to do justice to it. Apart from being part of every chapter in the Holy Qur’an (except the chapter of repentance [Surah at-tawba]), it is also the most oft repeated verse in the Holy Qur’an.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim is a heavenly sword that can never be defeated. Even if one started explaining the benefits and rewards of reciting Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim from the beginning of life on this planet till Qiyamah, it would only cover a tiny spot of all the holy benefits of that recitation. It strengthens your relationship with the Creator of the World.

Each and Every Surah of the Holy Quran begins with Bismillahi al Rahman al Rahim. The word Bismillah meaning in English is “In the Name of Allah”. It is a phrase which means with the blessing of or with the guidance of, so Bismillah means with the blessing or guidance of the Allah.

We are the only Nation/Ummah granted Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. We are so blessed, for we are the Ummah of the Beloved of Allah, and He has given us Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim as a gift for the Ummah of Habeebullah! Only Saints (Awliya) truly acknowledge and understand the karomah (miraculous powers) of Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, and they use it to help the people of the Ummah of Muhammad (saw), when they are approached for help. 

When a teacher teaches a child to recite “Bismillah…” the child, his parents and the teacher are all guaranteed freedom from hellfire. It is narrated that Prophet Isa (a.s.) was once passing by a graveyard and he saw a grave upon which the Wrath and Punishment of Allah (S.w.T.) was descending, so he quietly walked past. When he passed the same place after some time, he noticed that the Mercy and Blessings of Allah (S.w.T.) was being showered on the same grave.

He was surprised at this and asked Allah (S.w.T.) about what has happened and it was revealed to him that the man inside the grave was a sinner and was thus being punished for his sins. When he died, his wife was pregnant and soon gave birth to a son. When the boy grew older, his mother took him to a teacher who taught him to recite “Bismillah…” and I felt that it would not be justice that this man’s son was calling My Name and I was punishing his father in the grave.

Bismillah Benefit are Countless :  As you start your work with the name of Allah, it has numerous benefits for you.

  1. If you recite this phrase, you will feel closer to the Almighty Allah.
  2. If you recite Bismillahi al Rahman al Rahim, it will protect you from the Hell. And it is also narrated that who will recite Bismillah will be safeguarded from the Hell and also Allah will protect him from the angels of Hell or Jahanum.
  3. According to the Hadith, any dua which begins with this phrase will never reject.
  4. Whoever recites Bismillahi al Rahman al Rahim will get high status on the day of judgment.
  5. It will protect you from the evil deeds of Shaitan or Devil.
  6. If you feel pain in any part of the body, you can recite Bismillah by putting a hand on that part. It will give you cure from the pain.

Bismillah Benefits in daily life. There are too many benefits of saying Bismillah in our daily life. You should always recite Bismillah before doing your daily work life. For example, when you wake up, when you go into the restroom, before starting your breakfast, before leaving your home for office / school, before starting your work at the beginning of the day and so on.

With Bismillahirrhmanirrahim all the work we do will have blessed Allah and always under surveillance by Allah should be avoided from any human enticements and temptation of Satan that we disbelieve in Allah. The word Bismillah can make our hearts calm, away from the problem, bismillah also be called as well as Zikrullah because words are very easy to say Bismillahirrahmanirrahiim Wherever we go always say inshaAllah.

When You Wake Up :When you wake up and recite these beautiful words, Allah will put blessings in all the tasks you face during that day. Then you go for your Fajr prayers and hence makes Wudhu for the prayers. Now, it is stated in the Saheeh hadeeth that there is no Wudhu without emitting the words Bismillah.

In the Beginning of Your Prayers :Then in your prayers, after praising Allaah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aala, you have to start Surah Fatiha with Ta’awuz – A’oozubIllaah and Bismillah.

Bismillah Before Starting Your Food :How many of us say Bismillah before we eat? One just grabs his burger and done. One eats all of his food without saying the words Bismillah before starting it and Alhumdulillah after finishing it. You should always recite Bismillah before starting your food. The benefit of having this is that Shaytaan does not interfere with your food.

It is narrated that when one enters his home and says Bismillah, Shaytaan says to his companions, you don’t have any place to sleep in this house and when one says Bismillah before starting your food, Shaytaan says to his companions, you don’t have anything to eat this food.

In case you forget to recite these words before starting your food and you remember in the middle, then you can utter these words, Bismillahi Awwalihi Wa Akhirihi meaning “In the name of Allah, in its beginning and end.”

Bismillah While Starting Your Journey: When you start driving, always recite these words at that time and these are very beneficial with all that hassle and danger on the road. You will feel the peaceful driving because of uttering these words just before starting your journey.

Far away from distractions devil :Read as much as 21 times when going to sleep. Whoever practice it will be safe and secure from tampering shaitan, of theft, of disasters and sudden death while sleeping.

Cure all diseases :Read to the people affected by the disease as much as 100 times over three consecutive days. With God’s will can help cure and treatment efforts. So among of the many benefits and virtues of greatness “Bismillahirrahmanirrahim”. Insha Allah besides the properties obtained will also be counted as acts of worship with Allah.

“Bismillah” will bring sustenance :Starting the word “Bismillah” from our mouth means inviting the grace of Allah SWT. Calling on the name of Allah SWT when starting a job is very helpful because with his help all our affairs will be finished. And who can solve all things? The one who can solve all things is Allah Almighty.

“Bismillah” takes away sin : Saying bismillah with a sincere heart will bring the pleasure of the Almighty Allah. The most favored word by Allah is the saying “Bismillah” which means “In the name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful”.

Bismillah” brings peaceful :“Bismillah” is able to come a feeling of security. When traveling before boarding a vehicle, someone who said Bismillah then The Almighty of Allah with him during the journey. The property we leave behind will be guarded by angels and protect us from the temptations of the demons.

Bismillah prevents the evil of the unjust :Write ‘Bismillahirrahmanirrahim’ with Arabic letters a piece of paper 500 times, then read bismillah 150 times. Take the paper with you when you meet an unjust person. Insha’Allah, Allah will give us protection.

Bismillah Before Starting Your Office Work / School Lecture : When you start your office work or school / university lecture with Bismillah, Allah puts ease in your work and you feel this easiness and Allah’s help as compared to when you don’t recite these words or you forget to recite them.

Bismillah Before Going to Sleep :After finishing your day, when you lie on your bed to go to sleep, there is a supplication prescribed for the Muslims to recite. These beautiful words are Allaahumma Bismika Amootu Wa Ahyaa, meaning “Oh our Lord, I die with your name, and I live with your name.”


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Bismillah Benefits, Bismillah  K Fazail Wazifa Barkat are unlimited.

Victory: For every success and victory, After Nmaz-e-Fjr recite 99 times and keep its naqsh as taweez around your neck, you will get success and victory in all day to day tasks and problems.

Wish: If any one have any wish it should be solved once and for all, recite 1000 times and keep its naqash around your neck.

Problems in Business: If you’re going in your business through a hard time, and business is not going well then After Isha salat recite it 786 times with Darood Ibrahimi 33 time before and after, do this for 14 days, and use naqash around your neck, In shaa Allah all your business or financial problems will go away.

Remove effects of Tlism: If you found a taweez or tlism in your house or at any place,  recite 786 times and blow on it, in shaa Allah its effects will go away.

Increase in Wealth Rizq: After maghrib salat recite it 199 times and pray,  do this 180 days, in shaa Allah it will increase wealth, rizq and barkah, 

For True Love: If any man wants to be make some one fall in love for a good reason, then after isha salat recite this 99 times, imagine that person and blow, do this 90 days, It will create love between husband and wife, 

Get Rid of Bad Boss: If people are upset by a bad boss then recite 786 times after zuhar salat , do this 41 days, and In shaa Allah all will get rid of bad boss

Safety from Theft: For safety of house from thief or stealing recite 66 times before going to bed, . and keep its naqsh in the house.

Safety from enemy: Recite this 99 times for safety from enemy 

Safety from epilepsy or brain disease: If anyone wishes to be safe by epilepsy or brain diseases,  or some one have epilepsy, then recite 66 times in the ear of the patient of epilepsy, do this 90 days, 

Hajjat Wish: When some one feel that everything is going in a wrong direction then after Maghrib salat ecite it 1000 times then pray for the problem, do this 90 days in shaa Allah problem will solve no matter what is the problem, Also tie or wear its naqsh.

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