Benefits of Zikrullah Ya Quddusu Wazifa

5 Super Benefits of Zikrullah Ya Quddusu Wazifa

5 Super Benefits of Zikrullah Ya Quddusu Wazifa

The Most Holy,  The Most Pure,  The All-Perfect

The One who is pure, spotless, without blemish or fault.

The One who is far from, and untouched by, worldly imperfections or faults.

The One whose essence and attributes are of unimaginable purity and perfection.

The One who is beyond all human understanding of purity, perfection and holiness.

From the root q-d-s which has the following classical Arabic connotations:

to be pure, clean, spotless
to be far removed from impurity or imperfection
to be holy, sacred, hallowed

This name is used in the Qur’ān. For example, see 59:23

The ancient roots of the Arabic word Quddūs, as well as the Hebrew word Kadosh, point toward that which is set apart, different, that which is ‘other’. Thus, al-Quddūs is known as the One who is set apart, distinctly different and separate from all worldly imperfections, sins and faults, the One whose perfection and righteousness are so ‘other’ that they cannot be grasped by mankind, the truly Blessed One.

The name al-Quddūs describes the unique, unimaginable purity and perfection that is Allāh, the One whose goodness and righteousness are beyond our understanding.

According to al-Qurturbi, the name al-Quddūs also describes the One who is glorified and revered by the angels.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word holy as:

Holy — Exalted or worthy of complete devotion as one perfect in goodness and righteousness.

Meaning of Al-Quddus:

Al-Quddus means Allah is free from any imperfection. Allah is far and above any imperfection, error, fault, and shortcoming. None can attain perfection except Allah. He is complete and perfect in all of His Attributes; meaning He has complete and perfect sight, complete and perfect hearing, complete and perfect knowledge, complete and perfect strength, complete and perfect mercy.

Al-Quddus means the Sacred, the Blessed. Allah is Sacred. We glorify only Allah, we say “Subhan Allah”. We must know that the word “Subhan” cannot be attached to any other being in existence, other than Allah. It is only Allah whom we glorify, we believe is the Greatest, and we worship.

To understand the meaning of sacredness or blessedness, we can think of sacred places or special places. Allah is the One who made these places sacred or special.

Al-Quddus means the Very Pure, the Absolutely Pure. It means the absolutely pure and clean. Allah is free from any impurity or imperfection.

Benefits of Zikrullah Ya Quddusu Wazifa
5 Super Benefits Of Zikrullah Ya Quddusu Wazifa 3

Ya Quddusu is a Jamali name and its meaning is virtuous. The effects of reciting Ya Quddusu Wazifa is that, that who ever recite it will avoid haram relation, drinking, or stealing. Means he will avoid all bad habits or things and becomes like an angel. 

Ya Quddusu Wazifa

  1. Who ever will recite it 100 times daily at noon time, his heart will be clear from all bad things. After some times a Noor (Light of Allah) will shine from his heart.
  2. If a pregnant woman recite Ya Quddusu Wazifa 41 time and blow on water and drink it, from the first day of pregnancy till delivery. Her child will be pious, obedient, intelligent and respect parents whole life.
  3.   Recite Ya Quddusu Wazifa Ya Maliku Ya Quddusu 11 times after fajar salat and 11 times after maghrib salat. In shaa Allah It will safe all life from, piles, and from any sex related disease.
  4. If a person want to remain his position, status or want respect from all friends and enemies. He should recite Ya Quddusu Wazifa Ya Maliku Ya Quddusu 1000 times daily after Isha salat in a dark room.
  5. Travelers should recite Ya Maluku Ya Qudusu while traveling. In shaa Allah they will be safe guard from lost his goods, or any type of fear and will be on his destination soon.

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