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Surah Lahab Taweez for Protection, Your Enemy cant harm you



Surah Lahab Taweez for Protection , Your Enemy cant harm you, Suratul Lahab To stop Transfer of job

  • If this sura is recited before going to sleep, Allah would keep him in His protection.
  • This surah will benefit you to control your anger and aggressive behaviour. This is a big enemy of human beings.
  • If a sick person recites this surah Lahab in bed his ailment would be cured.
  • If you don’t want to transfer or relocate to any other place, then recite this surah 17 times after offering maghrib prayer. And make a dua, your transfer will be cancelled due to any reason.
  • If your enemy is in front of you and wants to harm you. Then recite this surah 7 times. After that, he will not be able to harm you.

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