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Malikul Mulk Taweez to become rich, Victory Amulet, Victory Talisman



Malikul Mulk Taweez to become rich, Victory Amulet, Victory Talisman honored and powerful

Malikul Mulk, ya Malikul Mulk , Zikr of ALLAH

The Master of the Kingdom, The Owner of All Sovereignty, The Lord of Absolute Ruling Power
The One who is sole owner, possessor and ruler of all kingdoms. The One whose ruling power and authority have no limit.
The One who possesses all authority to act in any manner, at any time, in any way. The One who is lord and master over all worlds, whether manifest or un-manifest.
The One who has all mastery and authority to decide what shall be created, what shall be sustained and what shall be cease to be.

There are 99 names of Allah, These names of Allah are attributes and meaning of Allah Names tell us about Each Asma Ul Husna, praises to Allah,

Malikul Mulk Taweez for Victory in property lawsuit, Coded Dua for Lawsuit, Dua for Court Case,
Taweez to become rich, honored and powerful, Coded Dua to be Rich,
Taweez for Self-sufficiency and independence
Malikul Mulk Amulet, Victory Amulet, Victory Talisman, Amulet to be Rich, Rich Talisman,


This Coded Dua Taweez is 100% authentically-made, in line with the ancient Sufi and Arabic Islamic Tradition. This Taweez is completely HAND-CRAFTED, in the traditional manner, by a true practitioner of the Arabic Sufi Tradition.

With Every Talisman you will extra 2 Gifts,
A Powerful Attunement of Energy Healing.
30 minutes Distance Healing for 11 Weeks.