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9 Surah Waqiah Benefits Taweez Coded Dua



Surah Waqiah Benefits Taweez Coded Dua

Surah Waqiah is the 56th Surah of the Holy Quran. The meaning of the Surah al-Waqia can be interpreted the event or the inevitable. There are total 96 verses in this single Surrah in three sections or Rukus. It was revealed in Makkah.

The majority of the blessed Verses of the Chapter treat of Resurrection, its qualities and happenings, and division of mankind into peoples of Hell and Paradise on the Day of Resurrection (Youm Qiyamah). Thus, recitation of the Chapter is awakening.

Sura Waqiah tells us about the Companions of the Right, Companions of The Left, and The Forerunners. Each will be rewarded or punished after Judgement. The people on the right will be blessed, the people on the left will be miserable, and the forerunners will be foremost in Paradise as the believers closest to Allah.

Sūra Wāqiʾah also reminds Us the glory of Allah SWT and how ALLAH has given us countless blessings and signs that we can find in nature. It reminds the Muslim Ummah that we are bound to return to ALLAH, this Duniya is temporary.

The Holy Quran (Koran) has been used as Powerful Healing, Anyone can Read Quran online, There are huge Quran quotes, The Quran has been translated into different languages’ Most read are Quran in english, Quran deutsch, Quran Bangla, Quran French.

The Day of Judgment is inevitable which will take place at any cost because it is clear in this sacred book Holy Quran.

Why should we recite Suraah Waqiah after Maghrib?

Surah Waqiah protects from poverty, Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said that no people of the Ummah would taste poverty if they recite Surah Waqiah every night. Hence it is recommended to recite Sura Waqiah after Maghrib or Isha Salah.


What did Our Prophet PBUH said about Suraah Waqiah?

According to Ibn Asakir, Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W) said that “Surah al Waqiah is the Surah of Wealth, so recite it and teach it to your children.”  When Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said, we should realize how important it is to recite it for financial stability and to save ourselves from poverty.


Does Surah Waqiah bring wealth?

Surah of Wealth, Surah Waqiah brings abundance and prosperity, while protecting you from poverty. So just take little time out of your day to recite and which will have multi-dimensional positive effects and the unlimited rewards it brings, in our life here & here after.


When you trust Allah SWT with all your issues & financial matters, you feel at peace as our Lord ALLAH, will never let him down, who Trust HIM. Have complete faith that Allah  and be rest assured you ALLAH will provide sustenance for you and your family.

It Brings Financial Stability: Many hadith have stated Surah Waqiah benefits in protecting you from poverty and giving you financial security. Reciting it every day brings blessings and barakah into your life. It brings success, prosperity, and wealth for you and your family.

Surah Waqiah Benefits:

Remembrance of Allah on a daily basis brings unlimited blessings, Quran is shifa for all, Recitation of Surah Waqiah has many benefits, few are given below

  1. It is narrated from Our Beloved Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (razi allahu anhu) that If anyone recites this Suraah on every Friday, will be from those whom Allah (S.W.T.) loves and he will be loved by people also. He/She will be free from troubles and poverty.
  2. Our Beloved Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (razi allahu anhu) said that if anyone who recites Suraah al-Waqi’ah will have a shining face of the Day of Reckoning.
  3. Reciting this Surah for a person who have left us, With the Blessings of This Surah, all the sins will be forgiven and if the person is on his deathbed then he will die with ease.
  4. Our Beloved Imam Ali Zainul Abideen (razi allahu anhu) has narrated that if a person recites this Suraah (at night) on the first night of the lunar month and then continues to recite the same Surah, increasing the number of times to coincide with the date, such that on the tenth night he recites it ten times, until the fourteenth night, then his sustenance will increase greatly.
  5. Another Suraah Waqiah Benefits, if you Keep the Written Taweez Surah Waqiah, with yourself, its Positive energies will be means of increase in sustenance.
  6. If a person who recites Suraah Waqiah will not be from among the absent-minded ones. Poverty does not come near this person.
  7. By reciting this surah, the reciter will learn about paradise, While the recitation surah al sajdah and surah Luqman the conditions of hell can be visualised.
  8. Those who recites this surah, poverty and misery would disappear from his life, and there would be plenty of sustenance, protection, good opportunity and wealth.
  9. Writes this sura on paper and keeps it in the house, good and prosperity would increase.

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