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Surah Taha for Easy Marriage Proposal, Favourable response



Surah Taha for Easy Marriage Proposal, Favourable response from authority person


• If you writes this Surat Taha on a green silk cloth and wears it around the neck and goes to give an interview for marriage the result would be in his favor;

• If you write Surah Taha, place that into a silk cloth, wrap it around your neck and go to meet a man of authority you will receive fair treatment and favorable results from the meeting, and even if you go between two quarreling groups they will stop fighting.

• If a man wishes to get married, he should write verses 131 and 132 of this Surah with saffron and then wear it as a talisman and Insha’Allah his proposal will be accepted.

• If a girl is not getting married and she wishes to get married, she should take ghusl (bath) with water in which this Surah has been dissolved and by the will of Allah (S.w.T.) she will get married.


This Quran Taweez is 100% authentically-made, in line with the ancient Sufi and Arabic Islamic Tradition. This Taweez is completely HAND-CRAFTED (paper), in the traditional manner, by a true practitioner of the Arabic Sufi Tradition.

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