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Surah Dukhan taweez will make you popular person, Increase Business Sales



Surah Dukhan taweez will make you popular person, Increase Business Sales


Surah Dukhaan taweez will make you be a popular person, Increase Business Sales & Trading, Protection from Devil

• Those who recites Surah Dukhaan, would receive a reward equal to the reward of liberating one hundred thousand slaves for each of its letters.

• Drinking water in which this Surah has been dissolved is a cure for all ailments related to the stomach.

• If kept in one’s possession, this Surah acts as a protection from the plots of Shaitan.

• If you write Surah Dukhan on paper and wears it as a ta’wiz, would remain safe from those calamities connected with nights.

• If Surat Al-Dukhan is written on paper and kept in the trading premises,(taweez for business) the sale and profits would increase day by day.

• If this taweez is worn around the neck he would remain safe from the mischief of men-in-authority, and he would be a popular man among the people.

• If this surah is written on a china plate, washed with clean water, whoso suffering from migraine drinks it would be cured; it would also cure hardness of stomach and constipation.

This Quran Taweez is 100% authentically-made, in line with the ancient Sufi and Arabic Islamic Tradition. This Taweez is completely HAND-CRAFTED (paper), in the traditional manner, by a true practitioner of the Arabic Sufi Tradition.

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