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How to do Meditation In Islam

How to do Meditation In Islam ?

Just think, if you want to change your life what you'll do and the way a lot of time you'll pay for obtaining what you would like and lead a prospering life.

It a awfully easy reasonably meditation using symbols to realize the required one. Its not thus tough once compare to other meditation methods. in additional simple words, mediation using symbols for secured success.

Timings: Before quarter-hour of going bed, Another quarter-hour from the time of


How to do Meditation In Islam:
1. Select a peaceful place (i.e, no sound disturbance like TV, Musics, Discussions etc) . {ASK us how to CUT THE SOUND DISTURBANCE}
2. Sit on comfort positions or maybe lie down on bed (without pillow).
3. Close your eyes and take long and deep breaths slowly
(this step helps to concentrate on work or blank mind. you are trying this even for each day to day work before you beginning the works)
4. The concerned the image which provides you the ability to realize your goals or dreams.
5. Continue while not fail for 1month then it becomes as your regular routine then you'll feel the amendment on you.

Note : This methodology is scientifically verified methodology. This works on activating the correct aspect brain by pictures and symbols.

To get symbols n pictures of your want contact us, along with your needs n details.