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9 Color Therapy in Islam, Color Therapy Used For Healing

Color Therapy in Islam

Every person is underneath the influence of 1 color or another, and we sees life through the filter/glass of that color. Yet, individuals dont usually have faith in colours. we tend to square measure impressed by viewing footage and paintings however dont provide a lot of attention toward the character of colours. If we tend to become a lot of alert to the truth that colours are literally necessary to our lives and our perspective on life, then step by step the deeper mysteries of our own selves are going to be disclosed.

The color we decide for our attire and residential square measure the results of our deep, natural interest in those colours. the colours we tend to use for our attire produce a sway on our surroundings. we decide the colour of our garments through inner inspiration, that tells U.S. that color are going to be smart for U.S..

It is doable that a color we tend to don’t like at this time in time could look smart to U.S. a year from currently. this transformation indicates that the flow of colors/light in our inner core has modified. If we tend to pay shut attention to that colours square measure gift in our surroundings, what color of garments we tend to commonly wear, and also the color of our food, then we are going to understand that Our life is nothing however colours.

The light, heat, and color of vibrant rainbow waves create effective vibration on all living tissue. These frequencies create different effects on the tissues. Therefore, with the help of colors, every disease inherited since the beginning of mankind can be treated.

All colors discharge pulsing light waves, which create the feeling of either cold or heat after colliding with an object. The wave length of the color red is the longest due to the slow wave frequency, and the wave length of the color purple is the shortest, due to the fast frequency.

Red creates the feeling of heat, while a sky blue color creates the effect of coldness. Green is the color that creates balance. Blue creates the feeling of spaciousness in the environment, while the density of red limits its frequency and movement.

Different colors create different feelings and effects (e.g., burning and itching by red, warming effect from orange, light warming from yellow, green feels no warm no chill, and jujube affects cold with pinching feeling.) Color creates feelings of byte, cut, hurt, crush or hit, or sting as well.

Through experience it has been seen that patients of stress and sleeplessness are fast cured with purple, blue & turquoise blue colors.

Red, orange and yellow colors are invigorating and help combat laziness and weakness. There is a saying with Color Therapists that putting patients in a pink color environment subdues the emotions of violence and revenge. Pink acts as a tranquilizer for veins and muscles. The effects of pink are now used to balance sex, family disputes, business matters, and jails. Through the pink color, anger is lowered. Under pink, muscles dont experience stress and tension. Even blind people feel relaxed in pink colored rooms.

One day while doing pranayama and contemplating colors and their effect on the body, I received intuition that sunlight includes all colors, and these colors fulfill our nutritional requirements. If we store sunlight in our biological system, then it can fulfill our nutritional requirements.

Following this inspiration I use to sit facing towards East before sunrise and through breathing pointed my mind towards a specific aliment of my body and imaginatively directed sun rays into my stomach. As a result there was no need for food except for water and neither did I felt any weakness. However while walking I felt much lighter and I felt I was walking in space, and solid walls looked like as if they were made of paper.

Sunlight has minerals and gases included, both of which are an important component of human food. Food gives us energy and strength. If we use food and light (combination of colors) together it increases this energy two fold.

The best way to absorb colors is to use fruits and vegetables. The sunlight is directly absorbed into fruits and vegetables. However, we have to ensure a color balance in our diet by not over-cooking or deep frying our fruits and vegetables because a lot of the nutrition in the colors is lost during this process.

Color Therapy in Islam: RED

Red Rays are found in Iron, Zinc, Copper, Potassium, Oxygen, Beet, Radish, Spinach, Red cherry & Red covered fruits.

In this color the emotions of deep interest, will-power, and passion are involved. During life crises when relationships come to an end and expectations are broken and no opinion or plan works, the color Red becomes predominant in the core-center of mind. When the mind is under the influence of Red, everything seems to be red.

The imbalance of Red in the red-color center (the mind) is proof of abnormal emotional attachments or spoiled emotions.

People who posses the color Red in balance help other people; these types of people worry about Humanity and their race. They utilize all their abilities in their favorite activities.

People under the influence of Red lead a good life. Since they cannot control themselves regarding eating, drinking, and other matters, they are often overweight. We necessarily pass through an era of life when the color Red is more predominant than all the other colors. It is usually during adolescence that the color Red becomes very powerful.

It is an interesting thing that in boxers oxidized red color is dominant. A person with prevailing Red color takes special care of his/her health. Predominant Red color people are also interested in bodybuilding.

This color stimulates emotions, produces happiness, and is full of life. In today’s lifestyle people mostly spend their time sitting in cars, in-front of televisions, or in offices and don’t exercise. As a result the epicenter of the color Red remains de-activated causing decline to surround them quickly. The excess of Red causes a tendency towards a scattered-mind, peevishness, displeasure, and tyranny towards people.

The Nature or Temper of Red is Warm. This color has a more constructive ability. This color creates an impulse in blood: if red color is displayed on the back bone in anemia patients then the number of R.B.C (Red Blood Cells) is increased.

If a part of the body is paralyzed, then emitting Red rays on that part increases the flow of blood, and the nervous system becomes normal. If the same rays are cast upon the navel and upper limb, then it creates stimulation in stiff veins.

Reddishness in the yellow epicenter increases stomach pain. The increase of red in the lower center of the throat is the cause of swelling tonsils and scratchiness in the throat.

Color Therapy in Islam: YELLOW

According to chemical analysis, the color Yellow is stored in Gold, Calcium, Nickel, Zinc, Copper, Platinum, Sodium, Phosphorus, Carrots, Golden Grains, Banana, Pineapple, Lemon, Grapefruit, & other Yellowish covered fruits.

Yellow is the color of Research. Predominantly Yellow colored people have a keen interest in learning. Such Men/Women spend their life full of studies. Scientists, Politicians, and Business people are mostly under the influence of this color.

People whose core-center of mind has more density of Yellow color then normal are Materialistic and they prefer their own benefit over that of others.

Any Yellow colored person is successful in worldly matters because he knows the art of making money and spending it in the right manner. Yellow is the sunlight color, people with the color Yellow are active and adopt a good lifestyle.

Yellow stimulates the mind. If you’re ever feeling anxiety, then the color Yellow will help. In a room where there’s no sunlight, Yellow creates a pleasant effect on one’s mood.

In Color Therapy, Yellow is used as an excellent cure for Stomach related diseases. It improves digestive strength by releasing gases from the stomach. It is beneficial in diseases such as Hemorrhoids (Bleeding), Diabetes and diseases of Liver. This color removes blemishes from the body. Deficiency of Yellow becomes a cause of diseases and its excess is one of the reasons for Fever.

Color Therapy in Islam: GREEN

Green color exists in Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt, Platinum, Aluminum, Chlorophyll, and several vegetables & green covered fruits.

Green is a Tranquilizing color. Predominantly Green colored people are full of love, and the rays of love spread from them, which makes the environment lighter. Other people are madly in love with Green colored people. People with prevalent green color are often farmers and gardeners.

Because the Green color is created with the combination of Yellow & Sky-Blue colors, minds of people under the influence of Green color remain very active. They listen attentively to other people’s opinions. People come to them in large numbers to tell them their problems and ask for solutions.

These Men/Women love kids and animals and they are happy in their company. The teachers of nursery classes have this color in them in good quantity. Due to the blending of Sky-Blue color, these people have a special relationship with water, lakes, rivers, and oceans.

By temperament they are very balanced and don’t get angry very often, but due to being soft-hearted they are often shocked and hurt quickly. These people tend to wear light-colored clothes. Green colored people are never satisfied with their work. They like to explore new grounds and they are very determined.

If the Green color becomes excessive in the Yellow center of the Stomach, then not only these people not only become emotional but also become worried of other people’s conditions. Such people are easily affected by every feeling of life, and keep thinking about past experiences, which can lead to stress on the stomach.

Deficiency of Green-ness in the core-center of the mind becomes the cause of one-sided behaviors and narrow heartedness in achieving life’s goals.

If Green becomes more deficient then normal in the throat, it creates harshness in conversation, and if it’s in excess of normal, the conversation becomes so soft that other people use Green-centered people for their own purposes.

The color Green is highly-effective for helping with the nervous system and high blood pressure. This color in itself contains the characteristics of an elixir for healing wounds. It is the panacea for patients of ulcers. Most of the Vegetables are Green colored; if they are taken in any form, cooked or un-cooked, the effects of the Green color are inhaled into the body.

A combination of Green and Blue colors creates Turquoise-Blue; this color energizes skin tissues. This color is the best cure for burnt skin from sunlight and itching. It creates a tightness in shrunken skin and skin full of wrinkles, which becomes the cause of attraction in personality.

Color Therapy in Islam: SKY-BLUE

Sky blue color exists in Aluminum, Cobalt, Zinc, Lead, & all Sky-Blue colored fruits & vegetables, like Grapes, Potato, Dried Plum, and Pear. It’s also found in fish & chicken.

Sky-Blue is the symbol of One-ness with God; it is a spiritual color. The Sky-Blue color in Aura indicates that this person is a master, that he or she governs a relaxed temperament and is versed with spiritual know-how. The deepness of the color is relative to the level of spirituality, honesty, insight, and sacredness.

Sky-Blue dominant people are God-Fearing Servants of Humanity, Thinkers of the signs of God, and lovers of Prophets and Saints of God. The men/women of this color believe the Thinking-Approach of Holy-Prophets ast ideal for their lives. They preach equality, brotherhood, and keep away from dissension.

Sky Blue has more importance when compared to the other colors. The temper/effect of this color is cold. This is the opposite of Red. This color is very effective in treating Fever, reducing Psychological Stress, balancing a shooting pulse, and relaxing the mind. Sky-Blue also helps to control high-blood pressure. Sky-Blue is helpful in making nerves relaxed and reducing Psychological and physical tension.

In Color Therapy Sky-Blue is used in treating diseases such as Normal Fever, Red Fever, Typhoid, Plague bubonic, Small pox, Epilepsy, Hysteria, Heart convulsion, High blood pressure, Thrush, Jaundice, Bile, Eye diseases, Poisonous Sting, Itch, Stomach ulcer, Dental Diseases, & Sleeplessness.

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Color Therapy in Islam: BLUE

If there is a some reddishness in Sky-Blue color then it becomes Blue color.

Predominantly Blue colored people have an interest in the treatment of living beings. Doctors and Physicians are often blue colored. These people don’t talk too much, but people in their company acquire self awareness, as if these people are like mirrors in which people see themselves. Such people are calm, silent, and soft humored. They posses a quality that encourages people to feel relaxed in their company.

In Color Therapy Blue is used for the treatment of Blood cleaning, Swelling of Eyes, a few Ear’s diseases (noise in ear, eruptions in ear), Nerve Soreness, Breathing Infections/Diseases, Soreness of Lungs & Nose, Tonsils, & Cough.

Color Therapy in Islam: PURPLE

Purple color contains equal quantities of Red & Blue colors.

Predominantly Purple colored people are sensitive and express this sensitivity in different ways. Purple is the color of Artists and Painters. Until, and unless, we have some quantity of purple in our selves we cannot sense beauty.

If the ratio of Red color is higher in the Purple color, the expression of it will be seen as an inclination towards sex; however, if Blue color’s ratio is more, then situation will be opposite. Sometimes these people are lost in themselves, which often happens with good artists.

There is more Spiritual potential in purple-colored people. If their third eye is opened, then they can see the Hidden (Ghayb). In these people the passion of constructiveness is present at all times. These people think less for themselves and more for humanity and are always worried that somehow humanity should benefit from their presence. They don’t want to waste even five minutes of their lives.

Purple color stimulates the Spleen & improves repulsive strength of the body. The color Purple helps to maintain Potassium and Sodium balances. Purple color controls unnecessary stimulation of all glands, including the Lymphatic Glands. This color is also useful in losing weight by controlling appetite. It reduces extreme Psychological pressure and the condition of stress. This color is a great recipe for deep and relaxed sleep.

The color purple is also useful in the treatment of Sexual Diseases, Urinary Infections, Gonorrhea, Frequent Urination, Diabetes, All Vaginal Diseases, Leucorrhoea, Swelling of Kidneys, and Stones in the Bladder.

Color Therapy: MAGENTA

If Yellow color is mixed with Purple, it becomes Magenta. A person under the influence of this color has good managerial abilities.


After spending a certain time in this world, we leave our physical body and begin our journey in another world. In that world we have to deal with the milky light. The milky light can also be seen through the Third Eye or the Ajna chackra.

The milky light maintains its balance and the balance of others as well. This light is also absorbed in things used by the body. This is why the things used by Spiritual People are preserved as benedictions. Pure and gentle waves keep spreading out of their graves and the dispersion of these waves is called Grace.

The pure and chaste inside of these individuals is filled with divine light, which continues enlightening the whole environment. People who are covered with white (milky) light waves are reticent and take out time from worldly matters in order to sit in solitude and meditate.