Muslim Girl Names Alphabetical Order

Muslim Girl Names With X

Muslim Girl Names With X NAMES STARTING WITH ALPHABET X  AND THEIR PERSONALITY –You need constant stimulation because you get bored quickly.  You can handle more than 1 relationship at a time with ease.  You can’t shut off your mind. You can do 2 things at once.  You are very talented. Muslim Girl Names With […]

Muslim Girl Names With V, Islamic Names

Muslim Girl Names With V NAMES STARTING WITH ALPHABET V AND THEIR PERSONALITY –You are individualistic & you need freedom, space & excitement. You wait till you know someone well before committing yourself.  Knowing someone means psyching her/him out. You feel a need to get into his/her head to see hat makes him tick.  You […]

29 Muslim Girls Names With G And Meaning

Muslim Girls Names With G And Meaning NAMES STARTING WITH ALPHABET G PERSONALITY— You are fastidious, seeking perfection within yourself and your lover.  You respond to a lover who is your intellectual equal or superior, and one who can enhance your status.  You are sensuous and know how to reach the peak of stimulation, because you work […]

Why Muslim Girls Names as per the Date of Birth 2022

Muslim Girls Names as per the Date of Birth Welcome to our latest collection of Islamic baby girl name with meanings. These Islamic names are one of a kind and would be just right for your new bundle of joy. Names are important. Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) encouraged us to give our children good name. They […]

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