Islamic Girl Names

69 Top Best Muslim Girl Names With W

Muslim Girl Names With W NAMES STARTING WITH ALPHABET W AND THEIR PERSONALITY–You are very proud, determined & refuses to take no for an answer when it come to love. Your ego is at stake all the time.  You are romantic, idealistic, often in love with love itself, not seeing your partner for who she […]

21 Top Islami Muslim Girl Names With U

Muslim Girl Names With U NAMES STARTING WITH ALPHABET U AND THEIR PERSONALITY — You are enthusiastic & at you’re happiest when in love. When not in love you’re in love with love and always looking for someone to adore.  You see romance as challenge. You are a roamer & needs adventure, excitement freedom. You enjoy […]

64 Best Muslim Girl Names With Q

Muslim Girl Names With Q NAMES STARTING WITH ALPHABET Q  AND YOUR PERSONALITY — You require constant activity and stimulation. You have tremendous physical energy. It is not easy for a partner to keep up with you.  You are an enthusiastic lover and tend to be attracted to people because of their ethnic groups.  You need romance, […]

Muslim Girl Names With L

Muslim Girl Names With L and meaning NAMES STARTING WITH ALPHABET L  YOUR PERSONALITY You can be very romantic, attached to the glamour of love. Having a partner is of paramount importance to you.  You are free in your statement of love and are willing to take chances, provided it’s all in good taste.  Brains […]

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