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Zaicha Urdu for 2023 Kundli Hindi Birth Chart



Zaicha Urdu for 2023 Kundli Hindi Birth Chart

Astrology is the most ancient of all sciences and has reached considerable perfection not only in India but across the universe. The Arabic term Ilm-al-nujum” means Islamic astrology that relates to the study of the heavens by the ancient Muslims. But it must be remembered that Astrology has got nothing to do with religion or religious beliefs. It is just the study of human life in general.

Neither the astrologers nor the study of astrology claims to be the ultimate and final answer to everything. Though astrology can provide deep insights and clues to many things, there are also some other aspects of life to which the study of astrology cannot be applied.

The Islamic Scholars said that the purpose of the planets/stars in the heavens is to guide mankind in the correct path, to protect him from all evils and to steer anyone from choosing the wrong path.

If we go back 1400 years before there were not Advance Digital devices to detect the disease, but only based on symptoms various disease were treated. 

All Knowledge on this Earth is given by Almighty ALLAH Ta’ala to Hazrat Adam(AS) which can be used to make life better here and hereafter.

Islamic Scholars has given enough knowledge which can be used to improve our life.Now we have many Advance device which can detect Diseases at early stage, so treatment can be started at earlier stage and it is now famous, that ,

“Prevention is Better than Cure”
“Apple a day keep doctor away”
…. many more

Using the classic Islamic science, We will prepare your birth Chart/Zaicha urdu 2022 and give complete report which will include Zikr & Wazifa, Sadqa/Charity, Certain precautions & some rituals to be done and Gemstones with zikr & wazifa to activate the Gemstones. 
Almighty Allah Ta’ala has created many means which can be used to make our life happy.


Get your personalized Zaicha Urdu 2023 prepared and lead a prosperous life.

Few people say that their life changed after wearing a Gem Stones, and they much better than before, here we need the clarify that the Faith is on Allah’s Mercy & Grace, Gemstone or other things are the means and Neymathul ALLAH..
Just like life saving drugs save many lives, these life saving drugs are also Neymath of Allah.

In this Material world, Everything which happens is via some means.

What I will get in Zaicha Urdu 2023 ???

  • Gemstone Report
  • Correct Name
  • Wazifa / Zikr
  • Sadqah / Donations
  • Important Precautions
  • Special Powerful Rituals