Taweez Coded Dua for Quick Marriage


Taweez Coded Dua for Quick Marriage

This Coded dua for quick marriage is very effective for male and female.

If a single male or female is looking to get married my Naseeha is they should first make and focus on a real niyyah for marriage it sounds strange but many people dont focus when making niyyah  and focus on it or any other need-(hajaat) to be fulfilled and then read Surah Yasin at Fajr for 70 Needs are fulfilled a day when Surah Ya-sin is read at Fajr and worldly needs are meet. Understand Marriage is  Half your Deen and the biggest worldly need is Marriage.

Give Sadaqah for marriage

Just like making Dua for someone else to get married and hoping the rewards are answered from the angels that are making reciprocally Duas for you, this is finanically helping others by giving Sadaqah and making the Niyyah for marriage which is very important when putting the sadaqah into jar or box. Make sure this is done every day even if its only a penny as Sadaqah again focus and makes niyyah for spouse to enter into yours lives