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Surah Quraish Cure for heart ailment, ease in getting sustenance



Surah Quraish Cure for heart ailment, ease in getting sustenance

• If Surah Quraish benefits if recited over the food before eating it, it would not harm the eater; and it would have cure of every ailment, inshallah.

• If Suraah Quraish is recited over water and it is sprinkled over a man with a heart ailment whose cause is not known, Allah would cure this ailment.

• surah Quraish wazifa, Removes evil from food and blesses water for healing.

• Those with heart conditions should recite this Surah and then gently blow into some drinking water and drink it.
• The recitation of Surat al-Feel and al-Quraysh in the compulsory prayers carries great reward. If this Surat is recited on food, its ill effects are removed.

• If a poor person recites this Surah Quraish before sunrise, Allah (S.w.T.) will make it easy for him to get his sustenance.
• Recitation cures heart ailments.


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