In this Modern Fast life, we are struggle to become Successful. In this Busy life, many of us don’t take Nutritional food at proper time, which is ultimately affecting us physically & spiritually.

In Today’s Fast Life, our food is full of JUNK FOODS’ Like Burgers, pizza, sandwiches, carbonated drinks, heavily sweeten beverages, etc .These Junk Foods’ is causing major damage to our Immune system and leading to various diseases like cancers, liver damage,

Fast /Junk foods often contain too many calories and too little nutrition. If you are regularly taking fast food , you might find yourself struggling with various problems and ill health.

What is this JUNK Food ?

The dictionary meaning of junk food, it is considered something useless, extra or something that is not needed. Not only are those foods extremely unhealthy, they also impacts various aspects of your life. Here’s how.

  1. It can trigger digestive problems: Junk food are deep fried items, while the oil soaked in junk food gets deposits on the walls of the stomach lining, increasing acid production. And the added Spices irritates the stomach lining, worsening GERD and digestion.Junk Foods does not contain fibres which hampers digestion,causing constipation and haemorrhoids
  2. It can damage your liver:A study reported that people who ate junk food and shunned exercise showed changes in liver enzymes within four weeks. These changes were similar to those observed in people with alcohol abuse. According to some studies, it’s the high level of trans fats found in a number of junk food which cause liver dysfunction due to deposition in the liver.
  3. It can cause kidney disease: As the kidney have to filter all the toxins from the blood, eating a lot of junk food has a direct effect on the kidney functioning.Fried food and chips contain high amount of finely processed salt which increases salivation and secretion of enzymes that enhance your cravings for these foods.
  4. It affects the brain function: Recent research have suggests that bad fats present in junk food tends to replace healthy fats in the brain and interferes with its normal mechanism.
  5. It increases the risk of heart disease:Junk food are loaded with saturated fats and trans fats which directly increase triglyceride & bad cholesterol (LDL) levels in the blood, resulting the plaque formation and heart disease. These Junk food damages the linings of the blood vessels causing chronic inflammation, and this inflammation causes bad cholesterol to stick to the walls of the arteries, blocking blood flow to the heart, which may cause heart attack.
  6. It Causes depression among teenagers: Healthy diet plays an important role in maintaining that hormonal balance.As junk food lack these essential nutrients, the teenagers may suffer from depression is increased by 58 percent. Teenagers, are more susceptible to mood swings and behavioral changes, due Hormonal changes.
  7. It causes fluctuations in blood sugar levels:  Junk food contains low content of good carbohydrates and proteins, the levels of blood sugar drop suddenly after you eat. Junk food is high in refined sugar which exerts stress on your metabolism.This refined sugar causes the pancreas to secrete more amount of insulin in order to prevent a drastic spike in your blood sugar levels, making you feel irritable and further increases craving for more junk food.
  8. It can cause Diabetes: If you take healthy diet, your body gets a steady supply of glucose, which helps maintain insulin sensitivity. But if you eat only junk food, it put the excessive stress on your metabolism affects the ability of your body to use insulin properly. Since junk food lacks fibre content, its consumption directly results in a spike in sugar levels. Further, junk food consumption leads to obesity, one of the main reasons for insulin resistance and development of diabetes.
  9. It causes fatigue and weakness: Junk food if taken for all day meals for a period of time, you will be suffering from chronic fatigue.As Junk food lacks most of the essential nutrients like proteins and vitamins,which are required for maintenance of overall health and functioning of all the systems in your body. It makes you feel full and satisfied,but fails to provide you with instant energy, making you feel weak and tired after a while.
  10. It increases your risk of cancer: European Journal of Cancer Prevention revealed that consuming too much of fast food which are high in sugar & fat can increase chances of developing colorectal cancer.Another study from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle showed that men who take fried foods more than twice in a month had increased risk of developing prostate cancer.


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