Benefits of Zikrullah Ya Salamu Wazifa

Powerful 2 Wazifa Ya Salamu Benefits of Zikrullah

 Powerful Wazifa Ya Salamu Benefits of Zikrullah

The Source of Peace, The Flawless, The Source of Wholeness and Well-Being

  • The One who is perfect, whole, prosperous and content.
  • The One who is the source of all peace, wholeness and safety.
  • The One who has rendered all of creation to be perfect, whole, prosperous and content.
  • The One whose creation is free of imperfections, free of faults and free of error.

From the root s-l-m which has the following classical Arabic connotations:

  • to be peaceful, quiet, tranquil, content, friendly, reconciled
  • to be free from imperfections, free from faults, complete, whole, sound.
  • to be safe, secure, well, healthy, prosperous
    This name is used in the Qur’ān. For example, see 59:23

This ancient Semitic root of s-l-m implies every manner of wholeness, completeness and prosperity.

Many seek peace by struggling, battling and trying to impose their will on others, yet external peace will only prevail as a reflection of inner peace. The only path to outer peace is awareness of the tranquil depths of  inner peace, and the only source of such inner peace is the One known as as-Salām.

According to Rāghib the word Islam, which arises form this same s-l-m root,  means to enter into salm… which means to enter into peace, or to enter into wholeness. That is, the word Islam means to be at peace with or reconciled with the ways and decrees of Allāh, and is often described as self-resignation, surrender or submission to the will of Allāh.

(Also written as al-salam, as-salam, al-salaam, as-salaam, the Source of Peace: ya salam, ya salaam)


Entire Quran Taweez Coded Dua
Powerful 2 Wazifa Ya Salamu Benefits Of Zikrullah 4

This is a Jamali name and it means without any fault, without and disease, pure. Who ever recite Ya Salamu Wazifa many time, his heart will become fost. When he will see nay person with problem, will try to help him, and pray for unhealthy person.

Benefits of Ya Salamu Wazifa

  1. If one recite Ya Salamu 1000 time daily after Fajar salat, will be healthy when dying. At the time of death he will be safe from blindness or handicap.
  2. For a serious patent for whom Doctor has no treatment, Do fresh Ghusal, then wear white dress. Recite the above mentioned durood 3 times, After reciting this recite” bismillah hir rahman nir raheem, Ya Salamu ”   3000 times, again recite same durood 3 times, then blow on the patient also blow on water and medicine and make patient drink and it it. Do this 3, 5 or max 7 days. In shaa Allah patient will be fine. This Ya Salamu Wazifa is the best wazifa for any type of patent.
  3. If a person became unconscious recite Ya Rehmanu Ya Salamu 300 times while sitting near the affected person. In shaa Allah he will become conscious.
  4. Woman whos children dies because of umme subyan. She should start reciting “Salamun qawlan min rabbin rahim” 3 times and blow on food and eat it or blow on water and drink. Do this amal from day first of pregnancy till the delivery.

99 Names of Allah and Their Benefits

(Read Ya Salaamu 125,000 times to cure incurable diseases like Cancer or any other sickness)

The secret of reciting any of the Names of Allah is 1st recite 11 time any salawat (durood shareef) then the Name in this example Ya Salaamu and finally finish as you started with 11 time salawat (durood shareef)

YA SALAMU: O Source of Peace! If this is repeated 125,000 times over someone who is ill, it will help the patient to recover. Anyone who recites this Ism continuously. Allah will protect him from all calamities and maladies.

If you do Zikr 115 times and blown on a sick person. Insha-Allah will restore his health. If any person reads this name as much as he can he will always be prevented from all mishappenings and if a person reads this name 115 times and prays for an unhealthy person that person will get good health.

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