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Benefits of Zikrullah Ya Wahabu Wazifa

The Most Liberal Bestower,  The Great Giver,  The Giver of Gifts

The One who continually bestows gifts, favors and blessings upon all of creation.

The One who is the most generous and liberal giver.

The One who gives freely and endlessly, without expectation of any return.

From the root w-h-b which has the following classical Arabic connotations:

to give for no compensation, to give as a gift
to donate, to offer as a present, bestow
to give liberally and freely
to grant, endow
to cause something to be

This name is used in the Qur’ān. For example, see 3:8

With regard to mankind’s role in giving, Abū Hāmid al-Ghazālī notes that:

Whoever bestows gifts with an eye to some interest to be realized by it sooner or later, be it appreciation, affection or release from blame, or or acquiring distinction of mention – he is neither a giver nor generous, but rather engaged in transaction and recompense. … But the one who sacrifices all he owns, even his life, for the sake of God alone – such a one is worthy of being named giver and generous.

(Also written as: al-wahhab, al-wahhaab, the Great Giver: ya wahhab, ya wahhaab)

Powerful wazifa of Allah name Ya Wahabu:

If you have any problem or wish or hajjat which you want to fulfill in 7 days. You can do this wazifa Ya Wahabu. Many people did this amal for their problems and problems are solved within days. In life some times we face such a critical situation. Where we think that this is impossible to solve it. Like if you stuck in a court case and seeing that everything is against you. You have no way to get rid of it. This amal will solve your court case problem with in 7 days.Daily After Esha salat , recite Ya Wahabu 111 times and pray for your problem, do this 7 nights.