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Muslim Girls Names as per the Date of Birth

Muslim Girls Names as per the Date of Birth

Welcome to our latest collection of Islamic baby girl names with meanings. These Islamic names are one of a kind and would be just right for your new bundle of joy.

Names are important. Our Prophet (pbuh) encouraged us to give our children good names.They have a purpose in our lives and can be a source of blessings.
We pray that your child grows up healthy and strong, intelligent and wise, and loves this religion and will become a person of good character.

Parenthood is one of the most blessed gifts that Allah SWT bestows upon his servants.

One of the most difficult decisions Parents’ face is choosing a suitable name for their child.We have made is very easy, just select the Alpabet as per the date of birth , once you know the Alphabet(Huroof) select some good name, a good collection is given.

Hours are spent around coffee and dining tables, discussing and debating different names proposed by members of the family.

Many more hours are spent on Google, trying to find the meanings of certain names and ensuring that they are of a virtuous nature.

Find Muslim girls names with meanings – Pakistani Muslim boys name in Urdu and some Arabic Muslim boys name are from quran, Muslim boys name with meaning in Arabic, Muslim baby boys name.

Below are Islamic/Muslim girls names: 
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