Virtues Benefits of Surah Maryam Chapter 19

Virtues Benefits of Surah Maryam Chapter 19

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In The Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Sura : Makki by Tilawat : 19 by Reveal : 44 Ruku` : 6 Ayats : 98 Part No. : 16

Surah Maryam, (Mary) (Revealed in Mecca)  No. 19 98 verses in 6 sectionsBenefits of Surah Maryam

Surah is a section of the Holy Quran. There is a total of 114 Surahs in Quran and each Surah is isolated into verses. Reading any Surah of the Holy Quran is of awesome advantages as it gives you a point by point history of religion Islam.

Surah Maryam, as arranged in the Book, is the nineteenth Surah of the holy Quran. It contains 98 verses which have been revealed in Mecca.

Similar to other Meccan Suras, the content of this Surah is mostly about matters concerning the Hereafter, the end of the evil-doers, the rewards of the good-doers, and part of the account of the lives of Zakariyya (Zachariah), Mary, Jesus, Yahya (John), Abraham, Ishmael and Idris (Enoch).Allah has mentioned no woman in the Qur’an directly by her proper name except Mary, and the name ‘Mary’ occurs 34 times in the Qur’an. The only Surah, which has been entitled by the name of a woman in the Qur’an, is this very Surah, Surah Mary.

Benefits of Surah Maryam has many benefits, few are given below

  1. Recitation of Suratul Maryam regularly, you will be blessed to see that his dreams about wealth and children come true before he dies; and on the day of judgement would rise among the companions of Prophet Isa (AS).
  2. If you recites Suratul Maryam, good deeds equal to ten times the number of people who attribute a son to Allah and those who testify or belie prophets Zakariyyah, Isa, Musa, Ismail, Ibrahim, Is-haq and Yaqub. Whoever recites this surah a choice place in paradise would be given to him; and he would be resurrected with the pious people of early Islamic era.
  3. For Protection : Writes Suratul Maryam on paper and wears it around the neck would only see good dreams. If it is inscribed on any wall of the house no calamity would befall on this house and its inmates, rather their prestige in the eyes of people would enhance.
  4. If a frightened person writes this surah on a china plate, washes it with clean ater and drinks it, he would get rid of fear.
  5. Whoso writes this surah on paper and keeps it in a bottle inside the house he would always see good dreams.
  6. If a woman recites this surah in pregnancy, particularly during labour, she would not feel the pangs of delivery.
  7. It is also narrated that before going in the presence of a tyrant ruler, if a person recites ‘Kaf-Ha-Ya-’Ain-Saad’ and closed, with each letter, one finger of his right hand, and then recites ‘Ha-Mim-‘Ain-Seen-Qaaf’and with each letter, closes one finger of his left hand; and then he comes in the presence of the tyrant and recites ‘wa ‘anatil wujuhu lil hayyil qayyum wa khaaba man hamala dhulma’ and then he opens his fingers, he will be protected from the evil of the tyrant.
  8. Cure for Cancer: Most importantly, it is trusted that: You can get yourself cured from the a dangerous illness called as cancer. For that you have precisely the same as said beneath:

    This is to be done frequently for 41 days.

    Recite Darood Ibrahim 11 times.

    At that point recite Surah Maryam 1 time.

    Darood again for 11 times

    At that point blow the glass of water. This is called as completing a Damm. Give this water to the patient no less than 6 times each day. You can also add the water of Damm into other water to satisfy the demand, however it must be recited over and over for 41 days.

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