Eid E Milad un Nabi Best Sufi Gift From Shaykh Ghouse Gwaliori Shattari

Eid E Milad un Nabi Mubarak to All – Best Sufi Gift for All

On This Blessed Day, Eid E Milad un Nabi we would like to give the Best gift Given By Our Dada Murshid {Grand Shaykh) Shaikh Ul Mashaikh               Qutb-E-Zama Sayed Shah Muhammad Ghous Gwaliori Shuttari (RH)

A Simple Wazifa/Amal to be done on the Mawlidun Nabi (saw) Day, From Morning till Night.It hardly take few minutes, but rewards is for both live, Here and Here After live.​

Anyone who does this Amal on 12th Rabi Awal Eid E Milad un Nabi, He/She will be safe entire year, Also Rasool Allah (SAW) said reciter will go in Jannat without any accounting ( No Hisab).

Shaikh Ul Mashaikh Qutb-E-Zam Sayed Shah Muhammad Ghous Gwaliori Shuttari (RH), said if anyone recites and does not get benefits, one can held me in On Day on Judgement. … (Allah O Akbar) 

First Recite 11 time Durood / Salawat, then the below given Names of Allah Ta'ala 11 times and end send 11 Durood / Salawat.

"Ya Allaho Ya Rahmano Ya Ghafoor Ya Rahimo Ya Hannano Ya Mannano Ya Dayano Ya Subhano"