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11 Gem Stones Benefits, Gemstone Healing

GemStones Health Benefits

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem – In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Assalaatu Wassalaamu Alaika Yaa Saiyyadul Mursaleen.

” Allah Shaafi Allah kaafi “

Holy Quran  Says “Out of them (Sea) both come out pearl and coral”

[55 Al-Rahman-Aayaat 22]

In historic instances human beings used stones to therapy sure sicknesses. This remedy of stones become very effective and that is the reason it’s miles nonetheless in use. Verily Almighty Allah has kept a few effect in various kinds of stones also. Our Beloved Prophet Huzoor Muhammad (Salla alaihi wasallam) also used Yemeni Aqeeq in his ring finger.

We have cited here a number of the remedies as in line with our knowledge and records with purpose of blessings to the humans. Before using this treatment an professionals consultancy is exactly counseled.

Stones are basically used for those illnesses or illness which take an extended time to heal, these stones help in getting better quicker and acts as a catalysts so as a result its better to seek advice from before use.

11 Gem Stones Benefits

There are Many Gem stones benefits, few are given below

  1. Gem stones benefits For ALLERGY- Most of the people are allergic to factors like antibiotic tablets, fragrances, spices, hair-dye and many others. Symptoms can be eczema, high fever, complications and in some cases even unconsciousness. Gemstones which have a cooling effect at the frame may be worn. Ruby or Yellow sapphire can be beneficial in this circumstance.
  2. ANAEMIA- Decrease in iron content material of the frame decreases the hemoglobin degree of the blood. Reasons can be excessive lack of blood in the course of injuries or in case of women during their menstrual cycles. The symptoms include dry pores and skin and the person turns into effortlessly worn-out. Wear an iron band on the wrist, Also wearing a 5 carat Red coral or five to 7 carat Yellow sapphire made in a gold or silver ring is fantastic.
  3. APPENDICITIS- Swelling at the appendix reasons intense belly pain. In extreme instances the appendix may also burst and can even bring about lack of existence. Yellow sapphire can be worn inside the third finger, a Red coral pendant can be worn inside the neck. A diamond and Ruby may be worn in extraordinary fingers.
  4. Gem stones benefits For ASTHAMA-  respiratory disease is primarily a genetic defect. it’s conjointly caused as a result of the pollution within the atmosphere traditional respiratory of the patient is hampered associated he gets an asthma attack amid a severe bout of coughing. A seven carat inexperienced Emerald, five carat Yellow sapphire and vi carat transparent gem will be worn.
  5. BACKACHE- this is often quite common sickness poignant many folks. Main causes square measure improper posture, sitting or standing endlessly, lifting significant weights, cw corroborative bed etc. A nine carat Red coral or Ruby associated an iron pendant ought to be worn. A cinnamon stone and blue sapphire during a weight magnitude relation of 3:2 created within the same ring is additionally helpful.
  6. BALDNESS- depilation happens with growing age and also the onset is often once forty years older. however if it happens at a younger age then it will be caused by allergies or tension. A eight carat blue sapphire and five carat inexperienced Emerald will be worn. sporting Yellow sapphire and Ruby along can even be advantageous.
  7. Gem stones benefits For BRAIN TUMOUR -In this sickness a neoplasm starts growing within the brain inflicting symptoms like headaches that become more and {more} more severe and chronic, vomiting, state of mind etc. This proves deadly in most of the cases. inexperienced Emerald, Yellow sapphire and Red coral of same weight will be worn as a pendant or within the same ring.
  8. BOILS- These square measure caused as a result of impurities within the blood. tiny red boils seem on the body which can enlarge and should be crammed with pus afterwards. A vi carat transparent gem and four carat Lajward will be worn. Red coral ought to be avoid in such cases, however will be worn once forty five years older.
  9. BRAIN FEVER- during this unwellness the nerves of the brain square measure affected. It can even be caused as a result of uncommon stress on the funiculus. The initial symptoms square measure fever, headaches, state of mind etc. Red coral, Yellow sapphire and inexperienced emerald will be worn Ruby can even be worn however it ought to be removed throughout the night and through the summer season.
  10. Gem stones benefits For COUGH- This principally affects babies and is caused as a result of attack of bacterium. It can even unfold from one to a different however lasts just for ten to fifteen days. Red color dresses ought to be used together with a copper pendant, Markat or transparent gem will be worn. A copper chain can even be worn within the neck.
  11. CANCER- This sickness will occur in any a part of the body carcinoma in men and girdle cancer in ladies is most typical. Tumors occur within the affected half which can afterwards rupture. causes will be tobacco use, environmental pollution, ultraviolet, alcohol, genetic factors, etc. Ruby created during a gold or copper ring and worn within the finger, or Blue sapphire worn within the third finger is beneficial. once therapy is started a four to seven carat Yellow sapphire and eight carat Red coral will be worn.

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