Namaz Salat

Namaz Salat

Namaz Salat -Sarkar healingsNo Excuse for Namaz[/caption]

After Looking at the pictures below do you still think you have any EXCUSE to Leave Namaaz

Why do Muslims pray Namaz Salat ?

After a long and hectic day at work, some might think that it is difficult for a tired person to concentrate on his prayers to Allah, the Almighty. Snuggled up in a warm and cozy bed, how difficult it is to get up at the call of the Mu`azzin (calling to prayers): "Come to prayer! Come to success!"
Namaz Salat -Sarkar healings

Describing this moment, the famous doctor and philosopher, Ibn Sina (Avicenna), narrated that on one cold and icy night, he and his slave were resting at an inn in a remote part of Khuraasaan. During the night, he felt thirsty, so he called to his slave to bring him some water. The slave had no desire to leave his warm bed, so he pretended not to hear Ibn Sina's call. But finally, after repeated calls, he reluctantly got up and went to fetch the water. A little while later, the melodious sound of the azaan (call to prayer) filled the air.

Namaz Salat -Sarkar healings

Allah, the Almighty says:

(Say [oh, Muhammad!]: "If you love Allah, follow me: Allah will forgive your sins, for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful)(Qur'an 3:31)

After Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was commissioned for Prophet Hood, the first thing he was commanded to do by Allah was to pray.

The angel Jibreel came to him and a spring of water gushed out of the rocks in front of them. Jibreel then showed Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) how to make ablution. He then showed him how to pray to Allah (swt). Then Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) went home and showed his wife Khadeejah what he had learnt from the angel Jibreel.

At first the prophet (pbuh) prayed two rak'ah twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

From that time, the Prophet (pbuh) never went through a day without praying. Just before his migration to Madinah, he was taken on a night journey to Jerusalem and then to the heavens (Mi`raaj).

During this journey, Allah, Almighty, ordered him to pray five times a day. This prayer was a gift given to every Believer to enable him to experience a spiritual ascension five times a day.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:

"The prayer is the Mi`raaj of the Believer."

Prayers give every Muslim the chance to communicate with his Lord. During each prayer, the Muslim recites "Soorah Al-Fatihah": This recitation is not a dull monologue by the Believer, but Allah promises that it is a conversation between Him and the worshipper.

Namaz Salat -Sarkar healings

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) reported that Allah, the Almighty says:

'When my slave says in his prayer: "All praise is for Allah, the lord of the worlds" I say: "My slave has praised me" When he says: "The Merciful, the Compassionate, Master of the Day of Judgment," I say: "My slave has glorified me." When he says: "You alone we worship and your aid we seek," I say: "This is between me and my slave." When he says: "Show us the straight path," I say: "This is for my slave, and I give my slave what he wants."

The Prophet (pbuh) once said:

"Prayer is the pillar of religion."(Narrated by Al-Baihaqi)

He also informed us that Islam is built upon five pillars, the second being to establish prayer five times a day. (Narrated by Al-Bukhaari)

This makes the image very clear: Islam is like a building supported by five columns; remove just one column and the entire building weakens. In the same way, when a person stops praying, his faith becomes weak, and the mildest blows can cause it to crumble.

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